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Loose pucks: I wanna go back

March 27, 2012

Three things that make us proud:
1) A great performance.

Not many people (besides us, obviously) gave Lowell a chance against “mighty” Miami of Ohio, and yet, the River Hawks ran the game for the opening 40 minutes and eventually won in overtime. It was a wonderful feeling when Riley Wetmore chipped the puck over Connor Knapp’s right pad and it slowly rolled into the net directly in front of us. The only thing we have to compare it to is Chris Auger’s overtime winner at the Garden against Northeastern in 2009. It was so great. Let’s do it all again next year, shall we?

2) These seniors.

We would be remiss in not taking the time to recognize the seniors from this team, who have certainly seen their share of ups and downs. As freshmen they got screwed by Hockey East in the league title game, then came very close to winning 20 games two years in a row, and the following year won just five games as juniors. Then to come so close to the Frozen Four as seniors? It must be more than a little surreal. We’ll miss them for sure. Best of luck, guys.

3) This team.

We love it. So fun to watch, so good, so dedicated. And they’re almost all back next year. That’s very exciting.

Two things that are slightly discouraging:
1) It’s all over.

We said immediately after the loss the other day on Twitter that this was the most fun we’ve had as Lowell fans in all our combined years, and we stick by that. It really sucks that things have come to an end, but really, we didn’t expect them to last this long anyway. If you’d have told us this was all possible in September, we’d have called the police. What a ride.

2) It’s not October.

This is gonna be one long summer.

Stat of the Week
Riley Wetmore’s two goals in an NCAA game was obviously huge, but it wasn’t the best performance all-time by a Lowell player in the tourney. The Lowell record for most goals in a game is held by Dave Barozzino, a defenseman no less, who scored a hat trick in a 6-2 beating of Michigan State in 1996. That, however, isn’t the school record for most points in an NCAA game. The honor there goes to Bill Dohaney, who had a goal and three assists in a 4-4 tie with Wisconsin in 1988.

So it looks like Wetmore will have to do better when Lowell makes it next year. Let’s call it five points.

One last thing…
Later this week, either Thursday or Friday, in all likelihood, we’ll put up our postmortem of the season, along with everyone’s favorite: the player grades. Tune in then.

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  1. Mike permalink
    March 27, 2012 6:15 pm

    “We said immediately after the loss the other day on Twitter that this was the most fun we’ve had as Lowell fans in all our combined years, and we stick by that.”

    I agree wholeheartedly. I had more fun this season than during any since I was an undergrad (’76-’81) and the team was winning Div II titles. Chancellor Meehan’s enthusiasm, Coach Bazin’s up tempo game, an eminently likeable and talented team, the fantastic atmosphere the school’s created at the Tsongas cemented by both the student body and pep band all combined for a season to remember.

    Given where we were just a year ago driving down to Bridgeport last Friday was surreal. The outcome while painful does not detract from the accomplishment. This was one hell of a ride and thanks to all of those noted above for making Riverhawkey so damned much fun! When do the 2012-2013 season tickets go on sale?!

  2. Monty permalink
    March 28, 2012 4:54 am

    I don’t usually take well to a loss, but after about 2 seconds of feeling bad that we weren’t heading to Tampa to support the Hawks in 2 weeks, I realized I was just too happy. It was just a fantastic year, an amazing ride … and realizing all the talent coming back, and adding some as well, the puck just can’t drop soon enough. Good luck and thanks to the seniors for four mostly fun years. You’ve left the program at a better spot than where it was when you came in, and isn’t that an important goal for each class?

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