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Loose pucks: We’ll keep on fighting ’til the end

January 3, 2012

Three things that are championship-quality:
1) Winning tournaments.

Granted it was hardly against the stiffest of competition but you win the games on the schedule and you feel good about it. That’s hockey. Plus, it felt really great to see Lowell shove it down those UConn pukes’ throats on their home ice.

2) David Vallorani.

Enough really can’t be said about his play lately. So dynamic. So creative. That goal for his 100th point was seriously a thing of beauty and, as we said, everything that’s great about Vallorani’s game. We would absolutely love to see him keep up this high level of play in the back half of the season. Get to 150 points. Get to 200. That seems reasonable to us.

3) Some time off.

Injuries around this time of year have a habit of piling up. Right now the defense is looking more depleted than Vermont’s chances of making the playoffs, and it looked like Joe Pendenza picked up a shoulder injury of some kind in Friday’s game. Having him out for any significant amount of time would be quite bad indeed. But now the River Hawks have just one exhibition game over the next two weeks, and they can use that time to get healthy and get their heads on straight for the second half, which, on paper at least, should be a much easier go of things.

Two things that would have lost the consolation game:
1) Letting UConn hang around.

We’ve now seen this garbage team play three games this year and it took Lowell to overtime in both games. Worse, it won one of those. They’re not good. Big D and a good goaltender shouldn’t be enough to push a team like Lowell around. Their skill level was non-existent. Winning here was good but they should have done to the Huskies what they did to the Engineers: dismembered them.

2) The RPI fan next to us on Friday.

This guy was quite the character. Late 20s, maybe. Ooing and aahing over every RPI shot that skittered wide of Army’s net. Cheering for both Engineer goals like it was a Stanley Cup-winner. Acting like every offside call was a personal affront. Being aghast at every penalty against his team. It was the worst thing we’ve ever seen.

Stat of the Week
David Vallorani scored his 36th, 37th, and 38th career goals on the weekend and is poised to become just the 47th player to break the 40-goal mark in his Lowell career. The two most recent ones to do it are Kory Falite (60) and Jason Tejchma (40). And beyond that, it becomes more and more apparent that his time with the River Hawks very closely mirrors that of Elias Godoy, who had 42 goals and 122 points in 133 career games.

The reason that’s interesting: Vallorani is currently on pace for 44 career goals (figuring he plays 20 more this season) and 119 points, almost exactly Godoy’s career numbers. Imagine if he’d gotten to play with Ben Walter and Andrew Martin, who we consider to be quite analogous to Scott Campbell.

Done my sentence but committed no crime
In case you needed the reminder, this post officially means TIIL is back in business for the second half of the year. You’re very welcome.

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