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Loose pucks: A lucky break

December 13, 2011

Three things that are pretty cool:
1) Beating BC.

It always feels good to beat one of the best teams in the country, and Lowell did it with ease on Friday night. The 3-2 scoreline doesn’t nearly reflect how close the game wasn’t, because Lowell basically told BC how the whole affair was going to be, even despite being short a man pretty much the entire game after Terrence Wallin got the gate. Yes, that feels very good indeed.

2) David Vallorani.

You want to talk about a command performance? Wow. That goal from Friday night is going to be on highlight reels for years to come, and the assist was so understated and simple and brilliant we’d like it to have been worth more than one assist. Like 1.2 or something, easy. This was the skillsiest Lowell forward in years at his absolute peak. It was a real pleasure to watch. He’s also now just two points away from the century mark for his Lowell career.

3) Entering break 10-5.

No one on earth thought that was happening.

Two things that are not very cool at all:
1) Pulling the goalie with four minutes left in a one-goal game during a penalty kill.

It’s really stupid. You shouldn’t do this. Everyone knows you shouldn’t do this because it gives the other team freedom to clear the puck the length of the ice for only a marginal increase in the chance you’ll actually score. And hey look it lost Lowell the game but at least Norm Bazin was regretful of his awful decision. Oh what’s that? He wasn’t. He actually kind of defended it? Yeah, see, really stupid, like we said.

2) The way Tsongas staff is handling things.

Let us first say it’s great to be able to have near-sellouts for big opponents these days. Okay, we’ve done that. Now let’s say that the way the Tsongas Center’s ushers are handling the extra butts in the seats is horrendous. We happen to have our season tickets adjacent to one of the student sections. Now, the issue is that the overflow crowds have led to seats being sold in Section 101 that are occupied by students. They must give out more student tickets than there are in the actual seats reserved for students, because there’s a significant number of students now sitting in adjacent sections. Why is this a problem? Because casual fans are showing up 15 minutes or more into the first period and demanding that the students be ejected from their seats (fair enough, one supposes, but how hard is it to show up on time?). The issue, though, is that the ushers do this during play, without fail. Instead of waiting for the game to stop, they obstruct people’s views for up to a minute at a time while these literal Johnny-Come-Latelys saunter in and take their time removing their coats and settling into their seats. There really needs to be a firmer policy on the matter.

Stat of the Week
Currently, Lowell has eight players sitting at double digits in points (Matt Ferreira with 15; Riley Wetmore and Chad Ruhwedel with 14; Derek Arnold, Scott Wilson, David Vallorani and Joe Pendenza with 13; and Terrence Wallin with 10). And because that’s through 15 games, it means there are still 18 games left on the schedule plus the playoffs. That means all eight players are on pace to break 20 points by a decent-enough margin, as Wallin checks in with the lowest projected total at 22.

Only two times in recent history has Lowell had eight 20-point guys on one team, those being the 2001-02, 2008-09 and 2009-10 seasons. Not coincidentally, those were also the best Lowell teams of the last decade by pretty healthy margins. The difference, though, is that those teams were extremely senior-heavy, and this one has just four, only two of which are in the top-8 in team scoring. Basically, what we’re saying is this team could be good for a while here.

A long winter’s nap
Later this week, in lieu of a weekend preview (since, obviously, there are no games to be played for three weeks or so), we’re going to write up our first semester grades and all that fun stuff. It’s usually a big post so you’re going to want to get your Thursday plans in order now to accommodate everything.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Monty permalink
    December 13, 2011 12:08 pm

    One other thing about the staff … I have no idea why they’ve decided to shut down the Student entrance to the stadium. All that does is congest the main entrance even more.

  2. MaryK permalink
    December 15, 2011 8:22 am

    I missed Val’s goal thanks to an usher being in my way so I totally agree with you. It drives me nuts while I’m trying to take pictures.

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