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Loose pucks: Eye of the storm

December 6, 2011

Three things we like!:
1) A sweep.

We said last week we’d have been happy enough with two points from the UNH series given a) Lowell’s history at the Whittemore Center, both distant and recent, and b) because we are occasionally still guilty of underselling what this team can do, much to our chagrin. We are, obviously, more than delighted to have seen the River Hawks doubled that total, stiff-arming the Wildcats to three points back with two additional games played. How terribly embarrassing that would be for UNH were Lowell not so titanously standing astride the league at the moment.

2) Doug Carr.

Where to begin with our praise of this kid? Better yet, where to end? Faced with 83 shots this weekend, Carr only allowed five goals. And statistically, that was his worst performance in weeks. Just go ahead and think about that. Then come tell us who indeed reigns as the best netminder in Hockey East.

3) Sellout crowds, and specifically where you will and will not see them.

It used to be that UNH could draw a sellout for nothing but Jeff Pietrssiak going through light workouts, and only the biggest teams at the best of times could induce anything approaching a crowd of 4,000 to come out to the Tsongas. Oh how the winds of change have ripped through Hockey East. Lowell is now drawing 5,000-plus on the reg and UNH drew just 4,800-something to see a team as good as Lowell come into town and score five goals. Shameful stuff, particularly when you consider that a good portion of that 4,800 were season seats that went unused. But hey, only winning teams draw, and UNH is two games below .500.

Two things we don’t like!:
1) Shots.

Sure, Doug Carr made 78 stops on 83 shots but that means Lowell ALLOWED 83 shots to a crap team like New Hampshire. Not acceptable. Not after what the River Hawk defense did to BC and BU earlier this year. They need to pick it up big time.

2) Disrespect.

We’ll have more for you on the topic tomorrow, obviously, but the past week has been alarmingly loaded with slights to our dear River Hawks both egregious and damaging. Moreso than usual. It’s deeply, deeply upsetting. We’re inconsolable.

Stat of the Week
Lowell’s richly-deserved sweep of UNH ended a grisly stretch for the River Hawks against the Wildcats during which they failed to win in Durham for about seven years. During that time, Lowell went 0-9-3 against the Wildcats, scoring just 20 goals in those 12 games, while allowing 44. That’s just 1.67 goals for per game (and it won’t surprise you to learn that Lowell scored three goals just twice in that stretch. It never scored four or more. Meanwhile, UNH 3.67 goals per game in that stretch, scoring four or more goals five times (four twice, five twice, eight once).

Glad that’s over with.

Flight of the Smughawk
If you’re all really good this week we might have two presents for you. One will help Lowell fans to remain as irritatingly smug as possible in their everyday lives, and the other will be a one-time-only way to light up your weekend.

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  1. Monty permalink
    December 6, 2011 11:22 am

    Interesting to note that after outshooting their opponents in each of the first 6 games this season (and going 3-3), Lowell has been outshot 5 of the last 7 games (going 6-1). The only two games they’ve outshot opponents in the last 7 were to UMass and UAH. Means nothing … just something I’d noticed, especially after the shot numbers in the first 6 games.

  2. Bob permalink
    December 7, 2011 11:13 am

    Only 4,327 showed up at the Whitt Saturday night.

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