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Loose pucks: What’s the world coming to?

November 15, 2011

Three reasons Bobby Vinton sent us champagne:
1) Sweeping in Orono.

Well that really feels great, doesn’t it? And we thought we’d seen it all in Hockey East. Something that hasn’t happened since early February of 1985. That was three years and four months before the oldest River Hawk, Timmy Corcoran, was even born. Hell, it happened five years before the team’s current COACH was in college. The only thing that would have made the weekend play out better was if, after scoring the game-winning goal on Saturday, Chad Ruhwedel had gone back to the bench and eaten a delicious Maine baked potato right in Joey Diamond’s stupid ugly face.

2) Scott Wilson’s highlight-reel goals.

Just look at these goals (at 3:23 of the first video and 0:29 of the second):


Wow. Kid’s the mayor of snipe city.

3) Riley Wetmore.

He went a little bit quiet for a short stretch there (just one assist in the three games against BC and BU) after starting the season on a tear, but we suppose that scoring three goals in Maine is one hell of a way to announce the return of your production. All of them were pretty nice, too, especially the first one on Saturday. That was just a howitzer from the slot. Please, Riley, shoot more.

Two things trying to make us think what we did here:
1) We weren’t there.

Actual real-life text message from Saturday, Nov. 12, 2011, 11:09 a.m.: “Like 80 percent sure driving up to Orono for the game tonight would be a great idea.” Unfortunately, though, circumstances got in the way, and we ended up missing out on history. But maybe it’s for the best. We think we’d have had to be taken out of Alfond on a stretcher after near-lethal levels of self-satisfaction rushed to our brains’ smugness centers. The silence must have been deafening.

2) Joey Diamond.

Yeah, he had three goals this weekend, but he also ran Doug Carr at least as many times because he’s a gutless sore loser who wouldn’t play anything like he does if there was fighting in college hockey. We would absolutely love to see someone clean his clock one day.

Stat of the Week
Here are a bunch of stats about Lowell hockey since the last time it swept Maine in Orono (not including that series or this one):

985: The number of games Lowell played between those two series
414-485-86: Lowell’s record in those games
4: The number of coaches Lowell went through (Bill Reilly, Bruce Crowder, Tim Whitehead (haha), Blaise MacDonald, Norm Bazin)
96: Meetings between Lowell and Maine in that time
21: Number of Lowell wins in those games
.304: Reilly’s winning percentage vs. Maine, the best of any Lowell coach
3: Longest winning streak vs. Maine (swept 2008-09 series)
14: Longest losing streak vs. Maine (2003-04 through 2006-07)
248: Lowell’s goals for (2.58 per game)
441: Maines goals for (4.59 per game)
49: Number of games at Alfond
12: Number of wins at Alfond
2.14: Average margin of defeat at Alfond
1.98: Average margin of defeat at Lowell or neutral sites
2: Longest winning streak at Alfond (twice: between ’93-94 and ’94-95, then in 2009-10 but during separate series)
6: Lowell’s largest winning margin (a 6-0 win in 2007)
5: Lowell’s largest winning margin at Alfond (a 50 win in ’93-94)
16: Lowell’s largest losing margin (a 16-0 loss at Alfond in 1990)

And then there was Riley Two Times
We would be remiss in failing to mention that Lowell’s field hockey team just wrapped another fine season, losing 2-1 in the NCAA finals. It was Lowell’s FIFTH STRAIGHT trip to the championship game, and they only lost because the team that beat them moved down from Division 1 this season, presumably as part of an NCAA plot to prevent them from repeating as national champions. Meanwhile, the women’s soccer team advanced to the elite eight for the first time in program history. A good weekend for Lowell sports all around, yes indeed.

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Monty permalink
    November 15, 2011 5:59 pm

    Women’s Soccer is in the Round of 16 for the first time ever. Men’s basketball (#23 preseason) is 2-0. Definitely a good weekend for the school, hopefully it continues to get better.

  2. Pat permalink
    November 16, 2011 6:07 pm

    Link to the latest blog is broken :(

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