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Loose pucks: There’s that word again

November 8, 2011

Three things that are heavy:
1) Everything about Saturday.

In retrospect, even giving up the goal 16 seconds into the game was awesome. It let BU think things would be easy, and it turned out they were anything but. Lowell’s two quick goals to respond were both excellent. The goals they piled on top of that lead, and piled and piled and piled, were even better. The incredulity with which we grinned after each successive goal may not be calculable by science as we know it today. What a fun, fun night that was.

2) Matt Ferreira.

Did you ever see that episode of News Radio where Andy Dick’s character Matthew drinks a potion that makes him super-intelligent? He insists that when he is smart, his co-workers should call him Smatthew, to denote the difference between himself and old, dumb Matthew. In the past, we have privately referred to Matt Ferreira on his good nights as “Smatthew” because we felt that he was capable of more but not quite living up to it. Real-life excerpt from our season preview: “… Matt Ferreira … came in with a lot of hype around his scoring prowess but has produced just 27 points over three seasons. We’re sure the team would take another 10 goals from him at least, but he has to increase his production as a senior.” Real-life response: Seven points in six games and an explosion of contests in which he is one of Lowell’s most effective players, if he’s not tops in that department, which he was on Saturday. Big hand for Smatthew. He’s been great this year.

3) A league win.

It’s not exactly hard to win games in Hockey East these days as long as your schedule says “Vermont” or “Northeastern” on it, but through three league games, Lowell has played great hockey in two of them and got rewarded with two points as a result. That’s two more than the Catamounts have in one extra game, and just two fewer than the Huskies have in EIGHT conference tilts, and Amherst has in seven. Lowell’s definitely moving back in the right direction

Two things that have us wanting to make like a tree and get outta here:
1) Early goals.

Can’t let a team with competent goaltending score 16 seconds into the game. Fortunately, BU does not fit that description.

2) Two at Maine.

Playing well in one game against BC is nice and playing even better against BU is, well, even better. But perhaps the great litmus test for how good a team Lowell will be in a given season is how well it does in Orono, traditionally a house of horrors for the River Hawks. Fortunately, Maine isn’t exactly the juggernaut it once was (thanks Whitehead!) but any trip up there for two will always have us reflexively dubious.

Stat of the Week
This probably won’t come as a shock to you, but Lowell doesn’t hang seven or more on opposing teams too often. BU is the latest victim of this circumstance, of course, but when was the last time it happened against everyone else?

BC: 8-4 at Tsongas Arena, Jan. 12, 2002
BU: 7-1 at Tsongas Center, Nov. 5, 2o11
Maine: 7-5 at Alfond Arena, March 2, 1996
UMass Amherst: 7-5 at Mullins Center, Nov. 10, 1995
Merrimack: 7-6 at Tully Forum, Feb. 17, 1996
UNH: 8-3 at Tsongas Arena, Nov. 14, 2008
Northeastern: 8-2 at Matthews Arena, March 12, 1998
Vermont: 7-2 at Tsongas Center, Feb. 26, 2011
Providence: 7-4 at Tully Forum, March 12, 1993

Not that any of this means anything at this point. Except the BU one. That’s still funny.

It requires something with a little more kick
We would be remiss in not mentioning a number of other Lowell teams that had good days at the office on Saturday night. First, the field hockey team rolled over AIC 6-1 like everyone knew they would and advance to the Division 2 Final Four for the ninth consecutive year. They’ll play Merrimack, which is a sickening and awful team that we all justifiably hate. Meanwhile, the men’s basketball team played an exhibition game at Providence and came within a missed buzzer-beater before succumbing 76-75. Providence probably cheated.

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  1. November 8, 2011 12:06 pm

    Two corrections for you:
    UML hung a touchdown on Providence on January 28, 2000 at Schneider (7-2 win).
    They also put up a snowman against Merrimack in an 8-4 win at Tully on January 4, 1998.

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