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Loose pucks: Roads?

October 19, 2011

Three things that are aboveboard:
1) A hot start.

Winning two games to start the season is pretty good for a team that won five in about as many months last year. Doing it in such commanding fashion, and on the road, and with so many freshmen in the lineup gives us a lot of hope that this team can compete going forward.

2) Riley Wetmore.

How good is this kid? Lazy penalty against UConn aside, he’s been the driving force behind all things good for Lowell. The first two goals of the season, primary assists on the first two goals of the next game and then the game-tying goal (which didn’t end up mattering) in the third game. He’s just been extremely good in a lot of ways and we think he’s got a big two years ahead of him here.

3) Time off.

Lowell has two positively brutal stretches on the schedule this season, with one them already behind us. Three games in five days in two different time zones is one hell of a stupid way to start the season, especially given that Lowell scheduled the “home” game in Nashua for that night. And so to have Lowell emerge 2-1-0 in those is, we suppose, perfectly acceptable in the big picture (hey, we’re trying to keep this section positive, right?). Having 10 days to figure out what went wrong won’t hurt either.

Two things that are below the belt:
1) Overconfidence.

The more we think about it, the more the loss to UConn seems, in our minds at least, to be the product of complacency. The freshmen in particular breezed into their college careers with easy Ws over a quarter-decent team that rarely gets swept at home, and maybe that was what led to their unfortunate loss to the freaking Huskies of all the teams in the world. That kind of thing will kill you.

2) Losing to UConn.

We feel as though this should be self-explanatory. Congratulations on winning the World Series though, you nobodies.

Stat of the Week
Lowell goaltender Brian Robbins picked up an assist in the first game of his college career on Friday night, and that kind of production is, as we’re sure you’ll understand, quite rare indeed. In fact, no goalie who has played for Lowell since 1999-2000 recorded a point in their first-ever college game. In fact, of the 15 who have been between the pipes (not including Robbins), more than half never recorded an assist. Those eight, in order of fewest appearances to most:

Jon Dryjowicz-Burek: 2
TJ Massie: 4
Paul Mammola: 5
Dan Weinreib: 5
Vinnie Monaco: 12
Marc Boulanger: 15
John Yaros: 34
Nevin Hamilton: 63

For the seven goalies who scored at least one point in their Lowell careers, the average number of games it took them was an even 20. Those numbers in order of most to least:

Cam McCormick: 54
Jimi St. John: 36
Carter Hutton: 20
Chris Davidson: 13
Dominic Smart: 10
Peter Vetri: 7

And the last one, Doug Carr, took just two games to do it, picking up an assist at Niagara on Oct. 15, 2010. So Lowell’s current goaltending tandem, it appears, gets off to hot offensive starts.

There’s also some other minutiae, which is dominated by Hutton. He was, unsurprisingly, the most productive of any of Lowell’s 15 goaltenders, picking up three assists in his career. Two of them came within 15 days of each other during his senior year, in a 4-1 win over BC on Feb. 12, 2010 (he assisted on a Scott Campbell goal to open the scoring) and in a 2-2 tie at Providence on Feb. 27 (the only helper on Campbell’s GTG).

Hutton’s only other point was also the only one for any goalie to come in their first game of any season, as he picked up a secondary assist on a Jason DeLuca goal against Alabama-Huntsville on Oct. 26, 2007.

[Ed. note: Initially we missed Dominic Smart. Numbers have been adjusted accordingly.]

Where we’re going, we don’t need roads
To be honest we’re pretty annoyed that the first home home game of the season isn’t coming for another week and a half. That’s weak. We want hockey in our faces right now.

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  1. Mark 86 permalink
    October 20, 2011 7:57 am

    HI guys, just adding the immortal Dominic Smart to the list of goalies with assists 1, not sure how many games it took

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