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Loose Pucks: Stop bullying me!

November 23, 2010

Three things that give us a reason to go on:
1) The power play.

Going into the weekend bloodbath against Merrimack, the Warriors had one of the best penalty kills in the country at a ridiculous 93 percent. The River Hawks managed to put three behind Canatta with the man advantage, doubling his goals against on the PK; a somewhat impressive statistic against a solid defensive team. At least that’s how we’re spinning it.

2) The WCHA coming to town.

Sometimes what a team needs is a change of scenery. Since Lowell isn’t getting any, the next best thing is a weekend series against an out of conference opponent. We submit that these horrendous results are due to the unprecedented number of Hockey East games that Lowell has been subjected to. A struggling Minnesota-Mankato squad is just what the doctor ordered, assuming the doctor is a Mengele-esque butcher, hellbent on torturing the River Hawks and their fans to yet another drubbing. This could get ugly. Maybe?

3) Marc Boulanger.

The much maligned freshman relieved Doug Carr on Saturday night and did not allow a goal. Good for the kid. Go team.

Two things that warrant a suicide note saying, “No funeral:”
1) The obvious.

This team is just flat-out bad. No one’s saying we expected Lowell to set the world on fire this season (see: No Expectations, The Season of). And we’re not fully discounting the number of injuries to key upperclassmen. But, man alive, we’d kill to see some semblance of effort. We’d accept getting our collective lunch handed to us on the reg if the ‘Hawks were going down fighting. Instead we get a third period with one shot. We get 5-on-3 shorties. And we’re going to get a second half of dwindling attendance, paper bags disguising what’s left of the crowd, and a share of the cellar with Amherst. Perrrrrrrfect.

2) November.

As in, “It’s still only November.” Nothing is worse than a season where nothing goes right. Except, of course, a season where you can pretty much write the ending a month in. We’re sure some of you are going to hold out hope, and we think that’s just swell. We’re already planning for The Season of Slight Expectations. 

Stat of the Week
With that sweep at the hands of Merrimack, Lowell has now been swept in a two-game weekend by every Hockey East team at some point in their history. The most recent examples of each follow.

Amherst: January 15 (2-3) and 16 (1-2), 2010
BC: February 22 (0-3) and 24 (3-4), 2007
BU: October 29 (1-5) and 30 (1-2), 2010
Maine: March 7 (1-4) and 8 (1-2, OT), 2008
Merrimack: November 19 (3-4) and 20 (2-3), 2010
UNH: December 5 (0-2) and 6 (2-3), 2008
Northeastern: February 27 (0-3) and 28 (1-3), 2009
Providence: October 21 (0-3) and 22 (0-4), 2005
Vermont: February 22 (2-3) and 23 (0-1), 2008


I’m older and smarter than you
Hey gang have a swell Thanksgiving. That’s it. Bye.

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