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Loose Pucks: He’s right you know…

November 18, 2010

Three things that got us tinkled pink:
1) Ending the drought.

We’re not going to sugarcoat it: weekends without Lowell hockey make us uncomfortable. On the bright side, the ‘Hawks had a week to get things together, heal some bodies and prepare for the push till the holiday break. Lowell has been going pretty much non-stop since the season began, so we begrudgingly accept the fact that now was a good time for some restin’. We know they’re restin’, they’re restin’!

2) Doug Carr.

This is exciting stuff. As uncertain as we were after the first few weeks regarding Lowell’s goalie situation, we’re now doubly confident in this kid’s ability. Carr has shown remarkable poise over the past couple of weeks, and the ability that got him recruited has become readily apparent. A small part of us likes the fact that Carr got a taste of the disgusting, loathsome anti-Lowell Hockey East conspiracy when he was denied any of the three weekly awards, despite producing equal or, in two out of the three cases, vastly superior results. We’re hoping this early career snub will slowly develop into a cavernous pit of rage that will surely be fueled by seasons and seasons of disrespect. Keep ’em coming.

3) The plights of Vermont and Amherst.

Truth be told, the season is all but over. Oh, you didn’t hear? Vermont ACTUALLY won a hockey game. Sure, it may have only taken six home games and a full month of hockey to accomplish, but now the Catamounts are on their way to “a third straight bid.” Riiiiiight. The only thing slower than the UVM fans would be the Catamount defense, which, we happily remind you, Lowell punked for three blistering third-period goals. Amherst, in an exercise of the obvious, still has yet to win a game this season. We’re sure this detail is shocking to all of you, but Toot’s boys are downright embarrassing. Amherst sits at a gaudy 0-6-3, including a quality 5-2 loss to Army. Positively Amherstian.

Two things that go over as well as a fart in church:
1) Games in hand.

As in everyone in Hockey East (with the exception of first-place Boston University) having one to three over Lowell. The River Hawks played a conference-heavy first month. Things will mostly balance themselves out when Lowell hosts Minnesota State next week, however the River Hawks could really use some points this weekend.

 Not that we’re expecting thing.

2) Injuries.

We passed ridiculous two blocks ago. Ignoring the fact that Lowell is a very young team when the entire roster is healthy, losing Campbell, Scheu, Budd, Caveney and Cey creates a real black hole when it comes to on-ice leadership. Lowell has been playing good hockey despite the injuries, but obviously have all hands on deck is going to be key if the ‘Hawks want to stay out of the basement. Some good news: Caveney and Scheu are practicing and should be available this weekend.

Stat of the Week
For as much fun as it is to think about Lowell’s dominance over Merrimack in the past, not too many River Hawk freshmen do too well in their first game against the ‘Mack. In fact, only three current players recorded a point in their first games with the Warriors, and two of them, you likely wouldn’t expect. David Vallorani and Mike Budd combined on a goal on Nov. 25, 2008, at Volpe, and Mike Scheu picked up a primary assist on January 24 last season. But that’s it, and that sure doesn’t bode well for this weekend.

About everything!
Merrimack weekend is far and away our favorite home-and-home of the year. Games at Lawler are practically home games. We look forward to seeing the new renovation firsthand. This is the first year… well, ever, that Merrimack has the ability to finish ahead of Lowell in the standings. That being said, we’d like nothing more than to add to the 21-3-5 record Lowell has hung on the Warriors in the past 29 meetings.

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