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Loose Pucks: Have fun stormin’ the castle!

October 19, 2010

Three things we’re on board with:
1) Points.

Sure, they were non-conference ties, but need we remind you about the horrific start to the season? The complete and total lack of expectations? Didn’t think so. Fact of the matter is, Lowell found a way not to lose, and we’ll take it.

2) Goaltending.

To simply say Carr improved in his second outing would be like saying the well at Coyote Hills was producing a few barrels a day. Carr’s .944 save percentage against Niagara is certainly worth a few pats on the back. Both his goals against came on the Purple Eagle power play, and with the PK unit in front of him, it’s not surprising.

3) Last-second goals.

Those were the days, eh? Back in the 2008-09 season, Lowell was hitting twine with nary a second left, on the reg. The RIT fans, as evidenced by their shaking of car keys during the final minute, were confident that their Tigers had locked up a back-and-forth non-conference win — until Scott Campbell gave them a Dikembe Mutombo-style finger waggin’ in the form of the tying goal with 1.3 to go. It had us in stitches, and serves as a warning to any fans that have the stones to think a one goal lead is ever safe with Soup around.

Two things that have us wantin’ to get off:
1) The unstoppable force that is Boston College.

Oh boy. Anyone who had the privilege to witness what the boys from the Heights accomplished out in Denver this week should feel blessed. The Eagles are, at this point, basically a squad of killbots that care not for our feelings, or lives, for that matter. Despite losing just one of their top six point leaders from a team that won the national title last season, some fans (and we’re looking at you, WCHA homers) seemed to think the BC Hype Machine had gone too far. No, no it hasn’t.

2) Special teams.

Yuck. Lowell currently stands a meager seventh in Hockey East on the power play, notching two goals in 18 attempts. That’s pretty bad. Being dead last in penalty kill? That’s a lot worse. Lowell’s PK is running at 61.5 percent, and that’s an improvement from where it was Friday night. The word “mortifying” is thrown around a lot these days, but we feel we’ve got a legitimate claim here.

Stat of the Week
Chad Ruhwedel put up three assists on Saturday against RIT, and in doing so became the first Lowell defenseman in a long, long time to score three points in his rookie season. As far as we can tell, he was the first to have done it since the 1999-2000 season, when two completed the task. Oddly — or, given the competition, perhaps not-so-oddly — it came in the same game. A young man you might have heard of named Ron Hainsey put up a 1-2-3 line in Lowell’s 13-1 shellacking of UConn on November 26, 1999. The other defenseman to do it? Josh Reed, who matched Hainsey’s scoring line exactly.

It’s game time. The Tsongas Center belongs to the university, lock, stock and fried dough. The video board is up and running. The place looks amazing, and we have two home games this weekend. For Lowell fans, it’s finally time to get out to the rink. See ya at the Tsongas.

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