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Loose Pucks: One dog going one way, the other dog going the other way

October 14, 2010

Three things that keep us going:
1) The power play.

For a first unit that has introduced two new point men, we’re real excited about watching these guys all season. Chris Ickert looked great taking over the Jeremy Dehner role at the top of the umbrella, and we thought Derek Arnold acquitted himself well opposite Maury Edwards. Despite only scoring once on six chances, we thought it was a solid debut which gave a new look to an old favorite. The second unit? Not so much. But that first one? Yessir.

2) Early season road trips.

Nothing brings together a young team like two weekends in a row on a bus. Granted, the results in Maine were less than optimal. However, we’re hoping a change in scenery (say, beautiful upstate New York rather than desolate Orono) will be just the spark this team needs to pull it together. And by “pull it together”, we mean not playing a top-10 team in their barn and losing by a six pack. Baby steps!

3) Team defense.

At least they didn’t give up double digits.

Two things for which we’d like an “inception:”
1) Maine.

Even during the best River Hawk seasons, Orono was at best a dreaded destination. For the majority of our lives, it’s been a slaughterhouse. A dingy, smelly, unwashed, low-IQ slaughterhouse. We’re glad we don’t have to subject the ‘Hawks to another trip there for at least a year. It’ll probably take that long to get the stench out of the jerseys.

2) Two weeks on the road.

Yes, we just said it brings the team together. But that doesn’t mean we like it. We’re sure Joe Bertagna had something to do with shipping the ‘Hawks on the road to start the season. In addition to Lowell, only Boston College didn’t have a home game within the first two weeks. But at least BC got to play at Northeastern, which is practically a home game considering how few fans the Dog House (Dog Pound? who cares?) drag up these days. We’re not saying this is a conspiracy, but let’s not be naïve.

Stat of the Week
We understand that it’s unfair to toss a pair of freshman goalies into the cesspool at Orono for their first Hockey East game. But life is unfair, and we hope someone broke that news to Doug Carr gently. The River Hawks netminder was tabbed for the start last Friday, and the results weren’t pretty. But that wasn’t the first time a Lowell team gave up eight in a season opener. Back in 1999, Lowell went out to play Michigan in Ann Arbor and got steamrolled 8-1 and 5-1 on successive nights. Jimi St. John gave up a six-spot in the opening 40 minutes of first game, and Cam McCormick gave up the other two in mop-up duty. The next night, McCormick gave up five on 20 shots.

And he’s one of the best Lowell goalies ever, so there’s hope yet for Carr and Marc Boulanger, right?

Whaddaya want from me?
Lowell faces Niagara on Friday and RIT on Saturday. Coach Blaise MacDonald has a history with both teams, having coached the Purple Eagles and himself being a Tiger alumnus. The River Hawks have their own sordid past with Niagara; however we’re pretty sure one game never happened. We’d love for Lowell to pick up their first win of the new season at the expense of either of these teams. Just don’t take that as an expectation.

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  1. Mark86 permalink
    October 14, 2010 1:50 pm

    Regarding point #1…we know as fate will have it that in the last weekend of the season…Lowell grabs the #8 seed and Maine grabs the #1 seed…if so, I say just stay home…

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