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Loose pucks: What’s my line?

October 7, 2010

Three things that got us feeling alright:
1) Hockey.

Real, live hockey. Not much keeps us going through the long, boring and recently agonizing offseason. Except, of course, thinking about hockey, talking about hockey, reading about hockey, watching old games of hockey, and the promise of more hockey to come.

2) Talented freshmen.

We saw some rather promising things during that beating the River Hawks dished out last Sunday. The promising play of Derek Arnold, Chad Ruhwedel and Shayne Thompson had us thinking about the possibility of curling our lips in smug fashion (in 2012).

3) New digs.

We’ve now seen the Tsongas Center’s new upgrades in person, and even when not completed, we have to say they’re pretty sharp. Your beloved ‘Hawks have a home that we can all be proud of. Plus, burritos will now be served at the rink. And you thought the video board was a big deal.

Two things about which we’d like to forget:
1) A long season.

Beating the tar out of St. Francis Xavier like they slapped our sister was great. But no Lowell fan should be considering anything that might even resemble the forming of an expectation. That’s a bootable offense. Truth be told, it’s going to be a long and potentially tortuous season. You’ve been warned.

2) How good we had it.

Oh, those were the days. Two of the best goaltenders in the league backstopping a trio incredible defensemen and a stable of solid forwards, led by a true sniper. Now we’ve got two rookies primed to take over between the pipes and inexperience (or worse, mediocrity) spread out among the skaters. Not that we’re being negative.

Stat of the Week
With the latest victory, Lowell increased its 10-year winning streak over Canadian schools to a 7-0-1 record. While certainly not a herculean effort, other Hockey East schools — we’re looking at you New Hampshire, Vermont, Northeastern, Amherst, Merrimack and Providence — have not fared nearly as well in recent years.

I was on the bottom with the V
Lowell’s on the road for two straight weeks, but the River Hawks have eight home games in the next seven weeks. Rest up, it’s going to be a thing.

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