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Loose pucks: Last chance

March 3, 2010

Three things that are worth cheering:
1) Controlling one’s destiny (maybe).

Well basically whether or not Lowell gets home ice is entirely dependent upon Lowell. It needs absolutely no help from anyone (except maybe Vermont ha ha) to secure the fourth and final home playoff spot. Whether or not that pressure is too much for Lowell to handle is a different matter entirely, but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it. Oh wait, Lowell has lost almost every important game it’s played in this year? Great.

2) Everyone around Lowell being worse than Lowell, again.

UNH and Vermont did the ‘Hawks a big favor last weekend in holding BU and Northeastern to a combined one point, effectively Heisman-ing them into being relegated to the role of scoreboard watchers regardless of how well they do… against each other?

3) We’ll be able to stop talking about home ice spots in like four days.

Seriously, this crap is making our ears bleed.

Two things that are worth booing:
1) Injuries.

Maury Edwards has a mild concussion and is questionable this weekend after missing Saturday’s game with Vermont. Scott Campbell is also questionable for this weekend after sustaining an injury midway through the game at Providence. Not like those guys could play important roles against Vermont.

2) Giving away points to crap teams.

Think how much easier things would be for Lowell this weekend if it hadn’t surrendered a draw to the Friars on Saturday. Being two points up on the three teams with 24 points would be huge. Hell, Lowell has given away seven of 12 points to the two teams outside the playoffs right now. Think about that. And then consider that the other three teams that currently have a home ice spot have given up just six of 32 combined (BC has taken all 12, Maine four of eight with a home series against Amherst remaining, and UNH 10 of 12). That’s just dizzying.

Stat of the Week

Time to have a look at the disparity between Lowell’s play against Providence at home and on the road, because it’s really not pretty at all. The last time Lowell won at Schneider Arena was Jan. 15, 2006, so let’s use that as the jumping-off point. In six games at Providence since then, Lowell has gone 0-4-2 and been outscored 20-13. Obviously bad. But in the six games at Lowell since then the ‘Hawks are 4-1-1 with a GF-GA of 21-9.

What’s that? You’d like to know the number of home wins Providence has picked up in-league in that time? We’re not sure you do. You insist? Alright. It’s 15. Yes, 15. One-five. Lowell has literally accounted for more than a quarter of PC’s home Hockey East wins over the last four years. And the ties are two of another nine. So PC has 39 points from 54 league games in their own building since the start of the 2006-07 season, and Lowell has given them 10 of those.

We told you you didn’t want to know.

Well now what have we here?

One weekend will decide whether this Lowell team was either a complete failure or just somewhat of a failure. Home ice: necessary.

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