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Loose pucks: A toe in the water

February 18, 2010

Three things that are aight:
1) Encouraging performances.

At least if the offense isn’t going to score, the defense made a cogent and cohesive effort to play its game and did so effectively. Holding a BC side that had been positively overflowing with scoring for the better part of three weeks to just three goals would have been good for one game given the way things were going for both teams. That Lowell put a halt to it over two games, like the big sweaty hand on a brake handle in a steam-powered locomotive, is extremely impressive. And all this with the absence of Jeremy Dehner? Wow.

2) Scott Campbell and Chris Auger.

Between them they had five points and both played a very strong defensive game on both Friday and Saturday. Our hope is that their performance inspires the rest of the team to start scoring as well.

3) Carter Hutton.

He rules.

Two things that ain’t aight:
1) The offense.


2) No Dehner in Maine.

Last night on the radio show, Blaise MacDonald said it was very doubtful Dehner would make the trip. He’s back practicing but can’t get a good feel for the puck on his stick. And that’s kinda how Dehner makes his living so you can pretty much forget him being back come Friday. And it also looks like that “day-to-day” broken hand has now even stretched beyond the “2-3 weeks” we heard when he initially got hurt.

Stat of the Week

So Lowell beat BC in the season series for the second year in a row, and we got to wondering just how long it had been since Lowell won back-to-back season series against Boston College. Well it turns out that the answer was 1995-96 and 96-97, in which Lowell went 4-2-1 (they played the Eagles in the 1997 Hockey East consolation game), winning two games in each regular season. The record against BC from 1997-2008? An horrific 6-29-0, and that includes a sweep in 2001-02.


With Vermont having dismissed Justin Milo from the team yesterday, we think that last, all-important weekend of the season hosting the Catamounts just got a liiiiiittle bit easier. Milo’s career numbers against Lowell: 2-2-4 in five games.

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