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Loose pucks: Not even tryin’ for positives

February 10, 2010

Four things that are no good:
1) Being swept.

So long home ice, so long NCAA hopes, so long everything but the role of spoiler once again. In fact, hello another sweep and the very good chance for a seven-game losing streak hovering menacingly on the horizon.

2) The alleged offense.

It’s one thing to score four goals in 180 minutes of hockey, but it’s quite another to have those goals be essentially the only good offensive chances the team gets in those three games. Apart from largely harmless goalmouth shots that get stuffed by a goalie who telegraphed the cross-crease pass like Samuel Morse, and we suppose Kory Falite’s shot off two posts on Friday, can you even think of a half-decent chance that wasn’t fired directly into the chest of an opposing defender? It would be almost-acceptable if Lowell was getting robbed by hot goalies or were putting the puck wide or something, but this is just poor shot selection and a complete failure to get the puck to the net.

3) Everybody.

There isn’t one skater in whom we’re not incredibly disappointed (Hutton and Hamilton obviously escape unindicted. What are they gonna do with this kind of support?). There’s not much else to say. But we will.

The forwards were pretty much universally crap this weekend. For every goal by Ben Holmstrom and Scott Campbell and David Vallorani, there was terrible defensive play, worse passing and a complete inability to play along the boards from those three, and no one else even did anything worth mentioning that wasn’t overtly detrimental to the team.

4) That we have to do this.

It’s killing us. We’ll never believe in a Lowell team again.

Stat of the Week

As we said above, this stretch of three games has only seen Lowell score four goals, but the thing with these new games that unveil new, unknown horrors is that they were all against teams that came into the game sub-.500. The last time Lowell scored four goals in three games against sub-.500 teams? Never, as far as we can tell. Granted logs on the internet only go back to 1998 (y’know, only 12 years), but unless some teams from the ’80s did it — and a brief glance at the media guide has us feeling like that’s not entirely likely — there has never been a Lowell team that was this poor in attack against teams so mind-numbingly bad.

Need a timeout, need an escape from reality

We’ve seen each of BC’s last three games, which they won by an astounding plus-13 on aggregate. We have no idea how Lowell plans to deal with that, especially if Jeremy Dehner, who was so important in the win over the Eagles two weeks ago, is still out.

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