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Loose pucks: Deal with it

January 27, 2010

Three things about which we’re still being smug:
1) Four points.

What better way to infuse ourselves once again with that same swagger and smugness to which you’ve all grown accustomed than four points from two games. As we said the other day, the Merrimack win should have been a foregone conclusion and thus the two points were long-expected, but winning against Boston College, no matter how many times Lowell’s done it in the last two-plus seasons or so, will always feel nice. Perhaps that’s because we endured the Brian Gionta years, perhaps it’s because we saw Brian Boyle pump goal after terrible goal past Lowell’s woebegone goaltenders, but it’ll never not be great.

2) Jeremy Dehner.

What a wonderful weekend outta the kid. We know Blaise said there’s no better defenseman in the country and that might be true, but coach’s hyperbole aside he’s certainly the best all-around defenseman in Hockey East and we say that after having taken off our novelty t-shirts that say “GIGANTIC HOMER.” (We should totally look into making those actually!) Great on offense, unbeatable in his own end, superb at lugging the puck and actually going back to get it. We’re still kind of surprised a player this good didn’t catch on at BU or something. He’s so much better than any other defenseman in the league and will probably go down as one of the great underappreciated players in Hockey East history. How he’s never made an All-Hockey East team is beyond us.

3) A home ice spot.

Good to be back.

Two things over which we’re still not quite so smug:
1) The Merrimack game.

Can’t let a crap road team come back like that. It just can’t happen.

2) Only one game this week.

Yes, it’s the annual Beanpot tradition of making everyone’s schedules go haywire for two weeks. All 10 league teams play Friday, but only six on Saturday as Northeastern, BC and BU drop out to prep. As a consequence, Lowell is the other odd-team-out.

Stat of the Week

This latest win over BC had us thinking. It’s been a while since Lowell lost to the Eagles, hasn’t it? Indeed, the last time Lowell was on the losing end of a game against BC was Feb. 16, 2008 (so it’s been about 101 weeks and the current sophomore class has never lost to the Eagles). They’ve played four times since that game, a 5-2 loss, winning three and drawing once. Total aggregate win for Lowell in those four games: 17-8. Plus, the night before the last loss as a 3-1 win at BC, and actually Lowell’s winning streak at the Heights stands at three games, with Lowell winning (get this) 13-4 on aggregate.

*Puts on sunglasses*

Still trying to figure out a plan for Friday. Might go to Boston to watch Lowell stomp Northeastern — again — or we might stay home and liveblog it. Or we might even go see Merrimack/UNH in North Andover, which might not be the blowout we all expect. Who are we kidding, of course it will.

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  1. stevo permalink
    January 28, 2010 10:04 pm

    intresting that lowell now has two best defensemen in hockey east and one best d in the nation?

    • Ryan permalink
      January 29, 2010 8:27 am

      Schaus has certainly been great this year, and deserves a lot of recognition. Dehner has played well the past few weeks, but there are arguably other defenseman more deserving of hardwear. If the HE awards were picked now I would think Schaus would be on the first team for D, with Shattenkirk because of his good year last year, and the fact that he plays for one of Hockey East’s “golden teams.” If Dehner continues his solid play he could certainly get 2nd team, probably with Justin Braun among others.

  2. stevo permalink
    January 29, 2010 6:07 pm

    sorry I wasnt talking about Schaus, but your points are well founded

    • Ryan permalink
      January 30, 2010 3:46 am

      i forgot blake kessel, he certainly could be a candidate for first team as well.

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