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Weekend in Review: Return of the smughawk

January 25, 2010

How’d Lowell do this weekend? Funny you should ask! It won a nervy 5-4 decision against Merrimack on Friday and then showed Boston College who was boss with a convincing 3-1 win on Saturday. Four points. Only one other Hockey East team did that this weekend.

That team was, of course, UNH, which won two road games. It snuck by Providence 3-2 in overtime before handing BU its lunch 4-1 on Saturday. BU also beat BC 5-4 in overtime on Friday to earn a split, but PC dropped a road game at Merrimack 2-1 in OT to get swept, and that was after they lost to Northeastern 3-1 on Tuesday. Rough week.

Meanwhile, in the only actual series of the weekend, Amherst split with Vermont, taking Saturday’s meeting 3-1 but losing on Sunday (on national TV) 3-0.

The only other results this week were Maine winning both (both?) its exhibition games, 4-1 over New Brunswick on Tuesday and 4-0 over the US Under 18 team Saturday.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
Jeremy Dehner, Lowell (senior defenseman) — Holy heck that’s two unbelievable weekends in a row for Dehner. He had four points Friday night, and while none on Saturday wasn’t ideal, he was still excellent in his shutdown role. He was not on the ice for a single goal against this weekend.
(Honorable mention: Kory Falite, Lowell; Brian Foster, UNH)

Rookie of the Week
Chris Kreider, BC (freshman forward) — He had a great game against BU Friday night, scoring twice and generally creating havoc in the BU defensive zone. Then against Lowell he was, as the kids say, hot garbage and finished a minus-2. That’s just about as good a weekend as we could want as Lowell fans. Lowell Bump for sure here.
(Honorable mention: Pat Mullane, BC; Brandon Brodhag, Merrimack)

Ham n Egger of the Weak
Boston College
— Remember how upset we were with Lowell’s lack of discipline? Well, Thespis has finally moved on to Boston College’s hockey team. They gave BU seven power plays and Lowell five this weekend, including very late penalties to Cam Atkinson against BU and Malcolm Lyles against Lowell. It was mind-boggling.
(Honorable mention: Maine)

National Polls
We have to discontinue this part for now. We don’t know what’s going on with this HTML the last few weeks. You used to be able to C&P right outta USCHO and it wouldn’t look terrible. Now, it’s a disaster. No idea what changed but it sucks and we hate it.

Lowell’s 16th now, which should be just about right, if that’s what you’re wondering.

Noteworthy Hockey East Weekly Awards
Jeremy Dehner was Player of the Week. Not Co-Player of the Week. Player of the Week. Unbelievable! Kory Falite was also in honorable mention.

Weekend Results (Home team bolded)
Northeastern 3, Providence 1
Maine 4, New Brunswick 1 (exh.)

Lowell 5, Merrimack 4
BU 5, BC 4 (ot)
UNH 3, Providence 2 (ot)

Lowell 3, BC 1
UMass Amherst 3, Vermont 1
UNH 4, BU 1
Merrimack 2, Providence 1 (ot)
Maine 4, US Under 18 Team 0 (exh.)

Vermont 3, UMass Amherst 0

How we voted
For every home game, wants to know who your three stars of the game for the River Hawks are. All this voting is counted up and given as the Player of the Year award at the end of the season, so let’s take it super-seriously and just see if we can’t get those vote totals boosted this year, eh?

Click here to vote for Friday’s win, and then click here to vote for Saturday’s win. Our top-3 for the weekend:

1) Jeremy Dehner
2) Kory Falite
3) Ben Holmstrom

1) Paul Worthington
2) Scott Campbell
3) Carter Hutton

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