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Loose pucks: As harsh as truth

January 20, 2010

Three things oui:
1) Defense and goaltending.

Well the thing is this: if your hockey team only gives up five goals in a weekend, at least this season, there’s a pretty damn good chance that your team will win its games. Neither game featured plays that were necessarily the fault of the defense and indeed we thought the defense was smothering on Saturday night. There were a lot of things about which to complain given the weekend’s results, but this wasn’t one of them.

2) Chris Auger.

At least someone on this team did well this weekend. He had a goal and an assist, which, while not especially good, is certainly better than anyone else did, and in fact he got shorted a point on that disallowed goal, which by the way should not have been disallowed.

3) David Vallorani.

What a game he had on Saturday. He, too, got cheated a point on the disallowed goal, but there were several times where he went around four or five Minutemen as though they weren’t even there. Stickhandling in a phonebooth hands, as the saying goes. And his assist on Pat Cey’s goal? Ridiculous. Just silly.

Two things non:
1) The lack of scoring.


2) Losing to Amherst.

There is not a team to which we hate losing more than the UMass Amherst Minutemen. The reasons why are obvious. But the biggest reason is this told-ya-so attitude their fans take on after Lowell loses to them. Oh yes, you have the superior program alright. Lots and lots of history backs that up. Like that .414 all-time winning percentage against Lowell. That’s a great indicator.

Stat of the Week

As we are all aware, Lowell has had a bit of trouble scoring at times this season. With that in mind, we set out to find out not what Lowell’s record is when scoring first, or its record when its goalies have a save percentage under .xxx. Instead, we just wanted to see Lowell’s record in games in which its opponents score more than just one goal. The results were not pretty.

When it allows two or more goals, Lowell is just 6-9-2, a winning percentage of .412. That’s not good at all, because that’s not asking the River Hawks to pop in five-plus goals a game or anything. That’s asking for 2.something goals per game to win, on average. And that Lowell can’t do that even half the time is terrible.

Tell a man whose house is on fire, to give a moderate alarm

It’s kinda silly to think about it, but Lowell is still rather close to home ice despite all the disappointment it’s been ladling out the last few weeks. Three points back of Maine and four back of Amherst with a game in hand on both. The good news is that the current average league position of Lowell’s opponent the rest of the way is 6.15, and Lowell can probably handle that.

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