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Weekend in Review: It could be worse

January 5, 2010

Yeah, Lowell somehow, inexplicably split at the Dartmouth tournament, beating Holy Cross 3-0 but falling 2-1 to Northeastern in the title game, and we are frustrated.

Northeastern, by the way, beat Dartmouth 7-0 in their Saturday game.

But at least we’re not supporters of Boston College, which fell 5-2 to St. Lawrence and then 4-3 Denver the next night. Or Merrimack, which dropped a tough one to Wisconsin 5-4 before getting shellacked by Ferris State of all teams, 5-1.

But the worst week by far was that of UMass Amherst’s, which dropped a 4-1 decision at midweek to Bentley of all teams, and then went to BU on Saturday and, despite something like 12 power plays, lost 7-3. And that makes this whole “Northeastern” situation much, much easier to swallow. (They also snuck by Union 4-3 on Tuesday but so what?)

Also, UNH got demolished by Cornell 5-2 on national television and looked remarkably bad doing it.

Maine had a pretty good week though, drawing Princeton 6-6 on Tuesday, then beating Colorado College 3-2 on Wednesday.

But Vermont had the best week of anyone, beating Alabama-Huntsville 4-3 then handing it to Minnesota-Duluth 5-2 the next night.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
Colby Cohen, BU (senior defenseman) — No one brought greater joy to our week than Cohen, who scored four points against Amherst to ensure that their week ended as terribly as possible. We’re almost inclined to just give this to the entire BU and Bentley teams.
(Honorable mention: Carter Hutton, Lowell; the entire Bentley Falcons hockey program)

Rookie of the Week
David Pacan, Vermont (freshman forward) — A goal and two assists over the weekend. Okay then.
(Honorable mention: Max NiCastro, BU; Stephane Da Costa, Merrimack)

Ham n Egger of the Weak
UMass Amherst
— We heard a lot of talk this year about how much better the Minutemen were going to be this year. How it was going to be different than all those other years when they started out great and then turned to liquid crap in the second half of the season. This team was too close-knit, they said. It finally had The Talent. As it turns out, it’s just another disappointing season in Amherst, just like we said it would be. Losers of five of the last seven. Losers to Bentley by THREE goals. Losers to BU by four, despite 12 power plays. We’d say we hate to say we told you so, but we don’t. We love to say it. So here goes. In German, that’s “Wir haben Sie gewarnt.” In Russian, “Мы же вам говорили.” In Finnish, they say, “Me sanoimme.” In French, we’d taunt you with, “Nous vous l’avais bien dit.” And if we lived in the Catalan region of Spain, you’d hear us saying, “Nosotros te lo dije.” If you ever go with us on a trip to Saigon, we will say in Vietnamese, “Chúng tôi đã nói với bạn như vậy.” If we spoke Swahili, it’d be, “Sisi aliiambia wewe hivyo.” But back here in the good ol’ US of A, we’ll just say this with the most glee we can possibly muster: “We. Told. You. So.”
(Honorable mention: Lowell)

National Polls

1	Miami	          (45)	13-2-5	995	1
2	Denver	          ( 5)	13-5-2	952	2
3	Colorado College	12-5-3	848	3
4	Wisconsin		12-5-3	778	7
5	North Dakota		10-6-4	718	6
6	Yale		        8-3-3	714	9
7	Boston College*	10-5-2	638	5
8	Cornell		        8-4-2	627	4
9	Michigan State		14-6-2	605	13
10	Bemidji State		14-4-2	578	10
11	Ferris State		14-4-2	515	11
12	Quinnipiac		13-4-1	481	8
13	Minnesota-Duluth	12-7-1	423	12
14	Mass.-Lowell		11-7-1	276	14
15	St. Cloud State	10-7-3	235	19
16	Massachusetts*		11-7-0	192	15
17	Union		        10-4-5	184	18
18	Maine*		        10-7-2	166	NR
19	Vermont*		 10-6-2	156	NR
20	Alaska		        9-5-4	142	17
Others Receiving Votes: New Hampshire* 128, Notre Dame 93, Lake Superior 30,
Minnesota State 14, St. Lawrence* 5, Michigan 4, Northern Michigan 2, Minnesota 1

*Denotes 2009-10 Lowell opponent

Noteworthy Hockey East Weekly Awards
Carter Hutton won Defensive Player of the Week.

Weekend Results (Home team bolded)
Princeton 6, Maine 6 (OT)
UMass Amherst 4, Union 3

Maine 3, Colorado College 2
Bentley 4, UMass Amherst 1 (lol)

St. Lawrence 5, BC 2

Lowell 3, Holy Cross 0
Northeastern 7, Dartmouth 0
Vermont 4, Alabama-Huntsville 3
BU 7, UMass Amherst 3
Denver 4, BC 3
Wisconsin 5, Merrimack 4

Northeastern 2, Lowell 1
Cornell 5, UNH 2
Vermont 5, Minnesota-Duluth 2
Ferris State 5, Merrimack 1

How we voted
There were no home games, so we didn’t vote.

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