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Loose Pucks: Humbug

December 15, 2009

Three things over which we’re clapping:
1) Kory Falite.

Congrats to the kid for being the first Lowell player since Ed McGrane to crack 50 goals. That’s kind of a big deal. He’s also only 15 points away from 100 for his career, which is also a big deal. Might be the first kid since Ed McGrane to that as well. We’d look it up but we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.

2) Break.

Couldn’t have come at a better time, in our estimation. This team needs to get its crap together ASAP. Having 10 wins ain’t enough right now.

3) Uhhhh…?

Those first two are pretty much it right now.

Two things over which we’re booing:
1) Saturday.

Suppose for one second that a game had in fact taken place on that day. Imagine how terrible the performance would have been to allow Princeton to win on the road. Wow that would be the lowest point of the season by far. Worse than the three straight losses. Worse than not scoring on the power play against Huntsville. Worse than everything.

2) Being Gloomy Garys.

We don’t like this. Being down on our boys hurts our feelings almost as much as a hypothetical loss to Princeton that obviously never occurred.

Stat of the Week

We touched on it in the Saturday thoughts but Lowell’s losses this year have been to teams that are… not very good. The six teams to which Lowell has lost are Nebraska-Omaha, BU, Providence, Maine, UNH and Princeton. Combined record: 40-46-12 (and helped greatly by UNH and Maine, both of which still aren’t very impressive to us). Those are teams Lowell needs to beat, obviously.

You there, what day is it?

Well with Lowell’s break, as always, we will be taking a few days off as well. You’ll get our thoughts on the half-season (hint: not wholly positive) before the end of the week, but then we’re taking the next week off unless something crazy happens. You’ve been warned. Try not to miss us too much.

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