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Weekend in review: What Saturday game?

December 14, 2009

In its one game this weekend, Lowell beat Princeton 4-1 and looked decent doing it. In any games that could have happened on Saturday afternoon, not that we’re allowing that this is at all conceivable, but theoretically it could have lost 3-2. Y’know, from a postulatory point of view.

Elsewhere, Boston College beat Harvard 3-2 on Wednesday at the Bright Center before dispatching Providence at Schneider 3-1 Saturday. Providence had lost to UNH 4-3, also at home, the night prior.

And in a series of one-off games, BU hosted and lost to RPI 5-3, Merrimack fell to UMass Amherst on the road 4-1, Vermont beat St. Lawrence 3-0, and Maine smoked Northeastern in Orono 5-1.

There ya go.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
John Muse, BC (junior goaltender) — BC was outshot in both its games this week, but Muse actually played like he did in his freshman year, making 43 saves on 46 shots. Most other players in Hockey East were generally unimpressive this week, in our estimation, or were hurt by the small sample size of one game.
(Honorable mention: Brian Flynn, Maine; UNH’s top line, which had another six points between it)

Rookie of the Week
Riley Wetmore, Lowell (freshman forward) — Two goals and an assist this weekend. Hey, that’s alright!
(Honorable mention: Steven Whitney, BC; Adam Shemansky, Maine)

Ham n Egger of the Weak
Boston University — It’s now officially no longer funny. For a while we could sit back and chuckle at every single loss to BU that came rolling in. Why not? Their smug fans were watching a team go from national champs to national chumps in the course of a summer in which everyone on the planet picked them to finish either first or second in the league. And that was great. But now? BU heads into the break with four wins. Four. Even Northeastern has six. And they’re terrible. So we can’t, in good conscience, laugh at the Terriers’ many missteps from this point on. (P.S. This was all sarcasm.)
(Honorable mention: Lowell)

National Polls

Team (First Place Votes) Record Points Last Poll
1 Miami (48) 13-2-5 998 1
2 Denver ( 2) 11-5-2 900 2
3 Colorado College 11-4-3 841 6
4 Cornell 7-2-2 805 5
5 Boston College* 10-3-2 717 10
6 North Dakota 9-6-3 672 3
7 Wisconsin 11-5-2 657 11
8 Quinnipiac 13-3-1 639 7
9 Yale 7-3-2 609 8
10 Bemidji State 13-4-1 594 4
11 Ferris State 13-3-2 556 13
12 Minnesota-Duluth 11-6-1 434 12
13 Michigan State 12-6-2 419 14
14 Mass.-Lowell 10-6-1 418 9
15 Massachusetts* 10-5-0 365 15
16 New Hampshire* 8-6-3 209 19
17 Alaska 9-5-4 183 16
18 Union 8-3-5 164 20
19 St. Cloud State 8-7-3 120 17
20 Notre Dame 8-8-4 71 18
Others Receiving Votes: Maine* 42, Vermont* 32, Michigan 23, Minnesota State 11, Colgate* 7, Lake Superior 6, RIT 4, Minnesota 3, Nebraska-Omaha* 1

*Denotes 2009-10 Lowell opponent

Noteworthy Hockey East Weekly Awards

Weekend Results (Home team bolded)
BC 3, Harvard 2

Lowell 4, Princeton 1
RPI 5, BU 3
UNH 5, Providence 3

Lowell 5, UMass Amherst 3
BC 3, BU 1
Northeastern 2, Merrimack 1
Maine 3, Providence 1

UNH 5, Vermont 2

How we voted
For every home game, wants to know who your three stars of the game for the River Hawks are. All this voting is counted up and given as the Player of the Year award at the end of the season, so let’s take it super-seriously and just see if we can’t get those vote totals boosted this year, eh?

Click here to vote for Friday’s win over Princeton. Click here to vote for Saturday’s new Never Existed candidate. Our top-3 for that Friday game were:

1) Riley Wetmore
2) Carter Hutton
3) Mike Budd

Our top-3 for Saturday’s non-game were:

1) Nick Schaus
2) Kory Falite
3) Riley Wetmore

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