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Loose pucks: We ain’t in the prisoner-takin’ business

December 8, 2009

Three things we’re smug about:
1) Back on track.

Regardless of why the previous week’s worth of results played out as they did, it’s nice to see the run of games in which Lowell was embarrassed by its opponent stop at two, and the run of games in which Lowell lost grind to a halt at three. We’re not happy with the result in Durham, obviously, but we are glad that Lowell was at least playing better and competing in a building that has been a site of fear and loathing for so long. (Maybe one of these days Lowell will actually win there.) And then the game against Amherst: superb. Maybe the best we’ve seen them play all year. And it’s very likely that they keep it going against Princeton.

2) Barry Goers is back this weekend.

At least that’s the word in the Lowell Sun and elsewhere. That’s gonna help shore things up at the back, isn’t it?

3) Being right.

You’d think that by now we’d be used to it. We are. And it never stops feeling great.

Two things we’re frowny about:
1) UNH.

Losing still sucks, though, doesn’t it?

2) It’s almost break.

By 6:30 on Saturday night, we will be at the end of the first half of the season (insofar as the way it feels is concerned) for Lowell. Not so good. There’s still going to be 19 games left on the schedule, not counting Hockey East and NCAA tournament games. It’s odd that these will be the last two hockey games of 2009. What a strange and wonderful year this has been.

Stat of the Week

Nick Schaus’ four-point night may have been the first by a Lowell defenseman since Kevin Bertream back in 2000, but this kid has had an unbelievably good season so far. Scoring 16 points in 13 games is not-jokin-around kind of stuff, obviously, and it’s great, too that he leads the team in scoring so far this year. But there’s one thing that we cannot believe. This kid has led the team in PIMs for each of the three years he’s been at Lowell, with 56, 83(!) and 65. He was on pace to break into the top-10 in Lowell history. And this year? He has four. Four penalty minutes. Through 15 games. By Nick Schaus. And he hasn’t had a penalty since the Vermont game on Nov. 6. We read that on Saturday night and had to lie down.

And cousin, business is a-boomin’!

You can’t see it right now but we’re sitting at our computer grinning smugly over this past weekend. Lowell did any number of things that was great for us: winning, winning against Amherst (this is important), breaking out of the slump, proving us right in the process, shutting up the naysayers both within the Lowell fanbase — and you punks know who you are — and across Hockey East. Saturday’s win was emphatic and should start the ball rolling on a big, big second half right after Lowell pounds Princeton to the tune of about nine or 10 goals.

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  1. December 9, 2009 1:14 pm

    Someone gets a chance to play the next 4/6 games as Auger’s out till mid-January.

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