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Loose Pucks: Struggling for three of these things

December 1, 2009

Three things we will back up:
1) Where we’re at despite everything.

Look, we’re all very disappointed in the results of last week. No two ways about that. But really, people are freaking out about a team that went 8-4-1 at the start of December? Really? We are rather quick to be Negative Neds about anything involving our favorite sports teams, but even we can’t look at two games in November and freak out. Lowell would have to lose another four in a row to be a .500 team, and it’s still the best team in Hockey East. So shut up everyone.

2) We didn’t have to watch that game in Providence.

We got enough of watching Lowell “play” “hockey” through the cracks of our fingers in that Maine game. If we’d have had to suffer through that twice in a row we might just have killed ourselves this weekend.

3) It can’t get worse (right?).


Two things we’ll hate forever:
1) UNH and Amherst.

As if Lowell, stumbling and tripping and underachieving, needed any help, right? A trip to a hornet’s nest at UNH, and the hosts became the first Hockey East team to hand Merrimack a loss in North Andover. That’s a tough draw. But then hosting an Amherst team that seems capable of scoring at will the next night? Christ. This could get ugly after all.

2) Take a wild guess.


Stat of the Week

Well we have bad news and good news. The bad news is that the last time Lowell got swept was last year against Northeastern at the end of February. The good news is that in its next five games, it won all five by a combined score of 22-10. And the last time it was swept by two different league opponents in a weekend, that was against BU (that infamous 6-4 TJ Massie game) and Vermont in early November. After that, Lowell won five of its next six and posted a combined score of 28-12. That’s an average of 4.5 goals per game between the two strong runs, and allowing just two per game. We could deal with that kind of results.

That wasn’t as hard as we thought, but y’know…

While it’s hard not to have negative feelings about this team right now for obvious reasons, we’re being pragmatic about this. Or at least we’re trying. And that should count for something, we think.

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  1. December 2, 2009 4:54 pm

    Having over 100 fans at UNH should hopefully help take away some of the hostile atmosphere. And here’s hoping they come out fired up this weekend.

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