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Giving thanks: Stuffing it down the league’s throat (get it!?!)

November 25, 2009

With Thanksgiving upon us, we thought we’d nix TWiD this week in favor of…

6 things for which we are thankful
1) The best damn team in Hockey East.

Let’s be honest here, folks. Regardless of that rather upsetting loss away to Providence, this is an unbelievably good team, probably the best we’ve ever seen at Lowell. Some old-timers might bring up a team from the Div. 2 days, but we saw the 1994 and 1996 squads, and while our memory of those times may be a bit foggy (we were only like 10 years old, give us a break) we don’t remember them being as dominant — when they want to be — as this River Hawks side.

Though we dare not compare Nevin Hamilton or Carter Hutton to Dwayne Roloson, or Scott Campbell or David Vallorani to Greg Bullock, we think this team is more stocked with talent than any in school history and, indeed, any in the league this year. Which brings us to…

2) Depth.

Who, for the record, do you consider to be Lowell’s top line? You’d probably say the trio of Chris Auger, Ben Holmstrom and Paul Worthington. And you wouldn’t theoretically be wrong. But then you’d be discounting the contributions of Kory Falite, Scott Campbell and Joe Caveney on the second line. Or Mike Scheu, David Vallorani and Mike Budd on the third. Or Riley Wetmore, Colin Wright and Matt Ferreira on the fourth. This is a team with four second lines, two of which border on being first lines. And that’s difficult for any team in the country to handle. They can all play any style you like, and they can all beat almost any other line in the country doing it.

3) The power play.

Lowell’s power play is eighth in the country and running at 23.5 percent.

Every time either power play unit hops over the boards, there are five players on the ice that can and do score from anywhere. Kory Falite and Maury Edwards at the top of the circles with Dehner spooning them perfect passes from the center point, Holmstrom creating traffic out front and Worthington cleaning up any additional garbage by working the puck down low, we feel really, really good. All those guys are monsters.

Then the second group has Nick Schaus, Ryan Blair, Scott Campbell, Chris Auger and David Vallorani. We guess that’s an okay second unit. And by okay, we mean ridiculous.

Ask Merrimack and UNH how things work out if you take a bunch of penalties against Lowell.

4) The newcomers.

Not much was really expected of the freshmen on such a senior-, junior- and sophomore-laden team. But the kids that have contributed have been rather good. Riley Wetmore has been excellent in his role, and the same goes for Joe Caveney, who we were sad to see miss time early in the season. Chris Ickert has filled in well for Tim Corcoran in his role as a fill-in for the unfortunately-injured Barry Goers. Colin Wright has been one of our favorite River Hawks this year.

Not a bad group at all.

5) The little things (which we lifted word-for-word from last year’s post).

What in the entire world is better than seeing Scott Campbell win a draw with seemingly no effort at all? Or seeing Maury Edwards get a hold of a one-timer that finds the back of the net? Or a perfectly executed end-to-end rush with Mike Potacco and Mark Roebothan? Or Jeremy Dehner carry the puck through the neutral zone? Or Nick Schaus demolish someone? Or one of those jaw-dropping little David Vallorani passes? Or the violent release of a Kory Falite wrister? Or Ben Holmstrom deflecting the puck into the net despite having his back to it? Or a handsy little move by Paul Worthington? Or Nevin Hamilton stopping three chances back-to-back-to-back right on the doorstep?

It’s those brief moments that make Lowell hockey so fun to watch.

6) This team.

We understand that this quality of team that Lowell has this year isn’t one that comes along every day. We’re just glad we’re along for the ride.

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  1. sevenzerokc permalink
    November 26, 2009 2:34 am

    All good points to consider. I would argue the talent level on the 94 team and the depth on the 96 team. They played a different game in a smaller rink, but man were they fun to watch, especially coming within a whisker of the frozen four in 94. (Johnny Mahoney just missed!!) Since you were “only like ten years old”back then, I hope this 09/10 team can reach those heights, it’s been a long time comin.

  2. RHHB permalink
    November 26, 2009 3:52 am

    True fact: Jon Mahoney was our first favorite River Hawk.

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