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Loose Pucks: Okay buddy!

November 17, 2009

Three things that are top-notch:
1) Taking care of business.

Lowell has, in the past, been known to drop winnable games. No no, it’s true! So while we shouldn’t be dancing in the streets or anything like that over beating Huntsville (by the exact amount that we told you the ‘Hawks would, we’ll happily point out), we will say that it is nice to win games you’re supposed to win. Most teams in Hockey East wouldn’t know much about that, considering the weekend’s results.

2) Recognition.

For the second time in two weeks, we have to say that we’re now slightly happier with the national media, which has bumped Lowell up to fourth in the national rankings and given the ‘Hawks three first-place votes which is, near as we can recall, the most they’ve ever gotten in a poll. We are still, however, of the belief that Lowell is three spots too low.

3) A busy week.

On Saturday, Lowell hosts Merrimack in a battle of pretty good Hockey East teams. That’s cool. Then a week from today, next Tuesday, they head down to Providence (for a game we’ll liveblog by the way). And then the day after Thanksgiving, they will host Maine. That’s six days to which we’re looking forward, oh yes. P.S. six points please.

Two things that are low-rent:
1) Missin’ Barry.

Man, we really hope Barry Goers is good to come back soon. Conceding a goal to Huntsville is bordering on unacceptable.

2) Nothin’ else.

We’re feelin’ great about things lately. Frankly we struggled to come up with one thing.

Stat of the Week

Lowell was scoreless on the power play this weekend, going 0 for 13. Lowell hadn’t had its man advantage held without a goal in quite a while. In fact, it hasn’t happened at all this season, and you need to go back to late February of last season to find a weekend in which Lowell’s power play was silent, when Northeastern kept it 0 for 12 and ended up on the wrong end of a weekend sweep. We couldn’t find a weekend in which Lowell actually swept another team without scoring on the power play, dating back to the 1999 season.

You got it pal

It would be really, really great to get a decent crowd out to the Merrimack game on Saturday. This is, for better or worse, one of Lowell’s bigger rivals just by nature of the schools’ geographic proximity to each other. And hey, the Mack is actually really fun to watch this year. They’ve benefited heavily from surprisingly good home support this year, to the tune of a perfect home record. But that road record? They’re 0-fer, for whatever reason. A good-sized crowd would help keep them that way, wouldn’t it?

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  1. November 18, 2009 4:20 pm

    MC scares me a bit … three of their four road losses are by a goal (one had a second goal due ton an empty netter). This one will be tough. Be interesting to see how many MC students travel out for this one.

  2. Keith permalink
    November 18, 2009 5:43 pm


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