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Weekend in Review: Only like six hours late!

November 10, 2009

Please forgive the lateness of this post, which was delayed by Hockey East scrambling to find someone, anyone, to split Player of the Week with Nick Schaus, because the league couldn’t possibly have the leading scorer from the No. 5 team in the country up there by himself. That would have been too crazy for words.

Lowell, as you know, found itself with a pair of two-goal leads this weekend, and while it chose to fritter away the one at Vermont en route to a disappointing 3-all tie, but then defended it well enough with a 6-3 win against UNH on Sunday to usurp UMass Amherst as the top team in the conference.

Vermont also beat Providence 3-0 at home, which makes that Amherst split with the Friars last weekend look not-so-good. UNH battled back from a 4-1 deficit in the third period to draw Boston College 4-all, and that makes the Eagles look not-so-good.

A thing that makes them look fairly-good: beating Northeastern 5-1 just one night after the Huskies downed BU 1-0. The hurt continued for BU which went up to Orono on Sunday and got lunch handed to them 4-3.

Oh yeah, and Amherst beat Niagara 4-2 and 4-1. Who cares?

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
Nick Schaus, Lowell (senior defenseman) and Brian Gib.. no just kidding — The only player worthy of Player of the Week had a dominant weekend, killing the opponents’ attack in his own zone and killing their defense in the opposite one. You wanna go and find a more impressive weekend than 2-2-4 from a defenseman somewhere in the conference, you’re gonna have to make one helluva stretch to do it.
(Honorable mention: David Vallorani, Lowell; Brian Gibbons, BC (we guess))

Rookie of the Week
Austin Block, UNH (freshman forward) — Far be it for us to dispute Hockey East’s award-giving too vehemently. Talk about a kid that earned acclaim! Under the “CAREER FIRSTS/MILESTONES/WHO’S HOT?” category, they had this to say about Block: “Potted his first career goal on Sunday afternoon vs. [redacted]-Lowell.” He sure did! Absolutely! If by “Potted,” you mean “lost a faceoff and then stood there while Ryan Blair scored…” then yes, that is exactly what he did. Congrats Austin, you have a stupid name and your first career goal was a joke. Shockingly(!), there has not been similar recognition when a few of Lowell’s freshmen scored their first the legitimate way — with their own sticks — earlier this year.
(Honorable mention: Chris McCarthy, Vermont; Alex Chiasson, BU)

Ham n Egger of the Weak
UNH’s penalty kill — We know, it’s getting a little tiresome seeing UNH here, but they just work so hard to earn it, how can you not give them the nod every time? We mean, who gives up seven goals on 11 penalty kills in a weekend? That’s a Sisyphean task right there, especially considering that four of those goals were by Boston College, who entered the weekend with a power play hovering around 12 percent. Twelve. We just hope they keep it up and make a clean sweep for the season (and we say that having not bothered to check if they’ve won every other week, we just assume so).
(Honorable mention: Boston University; Chris Rawlings, Northeastern)

Permanent Tomato Can
Maine — 3-5-0, 1-0 this weekend.
UNH — 2-5-2, 0-1-1 this weekend.

National Polls

Team (First Place Votes) Record Points Last Poll
1 Miami (49) 8-1-1 999 1
2 North Dakota ( 1) 6-1-1 948 3
3 Cornell 3-0-0 855 5
4 Denver 6-3-1 830 2
5 Mass.-Lowell 5-2-1 778 8
6 Michigan 4-4-0 653 4
7 Bemidji State 7-0-1 599 11
8 Notre Dame 5-4-1 549 9
9 Alaska 6-1-1 521 13
10 Colorado College 5-2-1 478 12
11 Nebraska-Omaha* 4-1-3 456 10
12 Yale 1-1-1 435 6
13 Michigan State 7-2-1 425 17
14 Massachusetts* 6-1-0 357 19
15 Vermont* 3-3-1 329 15
16 Boston College* 3-2-1 316 16
17 Boston University* 2-5-0 235 7
18 Minnesota-Duluth 6-3-1 178 20
19 Princeton* 2-2-0 175 14
20 Quinnipiac 6-1-0 139 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Wisconsin 137, St. Cloud State 20, Rensselaer 18, Northeastern* 16, Minnesota 13, Providence* 9, Ferris State 8, Merrimack* 8, Western Michigan 8, New Hampshire* 5, St. Lawrence* 3

*Denotes 2009-10 Lowell opponent

(P.S. That’s right, best team in Hockey East by far.)

Hockey East Weekly Awards
Player of the Week: Nick Schaus, Lowell; Brian Gibbons, BC
Rookie of the Week: Chris Rawlings, Northeastern
Defensive Player of the Week: Mike Spillane, Vermont
Honor Roll: David Boehm, UMass Amherst; Bobby Butler, UNH; Paul Carey, BC; Alex Chaisson, BU; Paul Dainton*, UMass Amherst; Scott Darling, Maine; Kory Falite, Lowell; Michael Lecomte, UMass Amherst; Chris McCarthy, Vermont; Justin Milo, Vermont; Gustav Nyquist, Maine; Mike Sislo, UNH; Carl Sneep, BC; Ben Smith, BC

Weekend Results (Home team bolded)
Lowell 3, Vermont 3 (ot)
BC 4, UNH 4 (ot)
Northeastern 1, BU 0
UMass Amherst 4, Niagara 1

BC 5, Northeastern 1

Lowell 6, UNH 3
Maine 3, BU 2
Vermont 3, Providence 0
UMass Amherst 4, Niagara 2

How we voted
For every home game, wants to know who your three stars of the game for the River Hawks are. All this voting is counted up and given as the Player of the Year award at the end of the season, so let’s take it super-seriously and just see if we can’t get those vote totals boosted this year, eh?

Click here to vote for Friday’s overtime loss to BU. Our top-3 for that game were:

1) Nick Schaus
2) David Vallorani
3) Kory Falite

(Sorry Kory, normally two goals’d get ya No. 1 for sure, but you got a tip-in and a tap-in on an incredible individual effort from Val.)

4 Comments leave one →
  1. UML lol permalink
    November 10, 2009 4:30 am

    You’d think UML had actually done something in their D1 history reading this swill. hahaha

    • RHHB permalink
      November 10, 2009 4:31 am

      looks like someone’s upset their crummy team got punked. how adorable.

  2. November 10, 2009 2:08 pm

    I couldn’t believe they gave Block the award for ROTY … wait, we’re talking about HE, so never mind. Nothing against the kid, but having them put “potted his first goal” as their reasoning is terrible.

  3. November 10, 2009 2:09 pm

    Never mind … I just noticed that Rawlings got the ROTW, not Block. It’s been a long morning already.

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