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Loose pucks: We’re awful tickled to hear you say that

November 3, 2009

Three things uh huh:

1) Fair results.

All things considered, Lowell probably got just about what it deserved this weekend, at least points-wise. Sure, it’s tough to swallow that loss to BU on Friday given the way the dying minutes of the third period and especially overtime shook out, but really, did Lowell play well enough this weekend to sweep a team with as much skill as BU? Short answer: No. You can’t give up a breakaway goal, a shortie and a Downy-soft goal to probably 99 percent of college hockey teams and expect to win. Do it against BU and you’re asking for a lot more trouble than Lowell got itself into on Friday. But Lowell deserved Saturday’s win, so there ya go.

2) David Vallorani.

Enough really can’t be said about the play of this talented young center. He did everything so well, as we highlighted in giving him TIIL POTW this week, that it’s easy to take what he can do for granted. That slap pass to Mike Scheu for the goal on Saturday was just gorgeous, and that’s a play most players don’t even think to make, let alone attempt and pull off. We’re lucky he’s on our side.

3) Nick Schaus.

Apart from a defensive breakdown that led to a BU goal on Friday, Schaus, too, had a big weekend. Yeah, the goal that forced overtime was, of course, big, but his play in the third period was more or less what allowed Lowell to come back so big in the first place. He was excellent, and that check that knocked Joe Pereira into the Lowell bench late in the game? That was awesome too.

Two things nuh uh:

1) Shoddy officiating.

It wasn’t a kick-in, and it probably wasn’t worth a penalty considering the gravity of the situation. Fact.

2) Lack of respect for others.

It’s tough to look at this week’s rankings and see Merrimack pulling down six votes. The Warriors deserve to be nationally ranked. In successive weeks, they’ve knocked off No. 7 Vermont and No. 12 BC, and gave two surprisingly strong games to No. 6 North Dakota despite their best player being held out for eligibility issues that, had he been on a team that did not have Merrimack’s reputation, would have been resolved months ago. And somehow they have fewer votes than UNH, which has given up four goals a game and is 2-4-0. We understand reputation plays a part, but come on, the Warriors are 5-3-0 with their only losses coming to teams in the top 12 on the road. They deserve more recognition.

Stat of the Week

A lot was made of Lowell knocking off BU this weekend, pulling it off for the first time in seven tries. But in actual fact, this effort was hardly as Herculean as it was made out to be. Yes, Lowell lost to BU six times in a row, but look at the games themselves. The last was an overtime loss under dubious circumstances. The one before that was a 1-0 loss under even more dubious circumstances. The one before that was an admittedly-mediocre 5-3 loss. The one before that was a 3-2 loss in which Lowell’s starting goalie got hurt. The one before that was a 6-4 loss in which Lowell was dominating and had its starting goalie get hurt. The one before that was a 4-2 loss in which Lowell got two power plays to BU’s six. That’s not exactly BC/Merrimack levels of futility, especially considering BU’s quality in the prior two seasons.

‘Bout the closest thing we got to goin’ to the movies

A reminder to Lowell fans that will be unable to attend Sunday’s home game against UNH: the game will be broadcast on ESPNU and will feature color commentary from Barry Melrose. As if you needed MORE reason to watch and/or DVR that Lowell game, eh?

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Alan permalink
    November 3, 2009 11:31 pm

    Agree on the ‘Mack… however, the USCHO pollsters have always been partial to the traditional hockey powerhouses. Big names go up quickly, and stay there longer. On the other hand, lesser programs tend to climb the rankings more slowly and then plummet faster if they God forbid lose one game. So, it’s not really surprising to me that Merrimack isn’t ranked yet, but if they keep playing well, and nothing tells us that they won’t, we’ll see them crack the top 20 in no time. Can’t wait to see how the Warriors do against BU!

  2. RHHB permalink
    November 3, 2009 11:51 pm

    oh, yeah, it’s not that we’re surprised where they’re at, it’s that we’re disappointed.

  3. Alan permalink
    November 4, 2009 12:47 am

    Not that the polls matter one iota….

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