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Loose Pucks: Went home and learned how to clean up after myself

October 27, 2009

Three things uh huh:

1) A sweep.

Of course, we expect to always see these, at least this year. Lowell can beat anyone in the country two nights in a row, no big deal. And that means anyone. We expect Lowell to outscore its opponents something like 8-4 every weekend for the rest of the season. That sounds just about right.

2) A good third period.

Man, Friday’s final frame told you everything you need to know about how this team operates when it puts its mind to it. This, of course, stands in stark contrast to last year, when Lowell couldn’t stop its opponents from scoring (36 goals in allowed in the third, just about 0.95/gm, compared to 50 total in the first two, about 1.32/gm). On Friday Lowell just came out of the second intermission and said, “Yes, Colgate, that was cute and fun while it lasted, but we win now,” and positively strongarmed them out of two points. For the record, Lowell has allowed one third-period goal this season, that against Northeastern.

3) A contribution from the rookies.

They don’t all have to be pretty. Colin Wright’s first goal ever came when he dove at a scrum and poked the puck through about 12 bodies, and it took awhile to review it. Riley Wetmore’s first goal ever came when he half-ducked out of the way of a Ryan Blair point shot and bumped it off its original course. Both goals put the ‘Hawks ahead for leads they would never surrender.

Two things nuh uh:

1) Five o’clock starts.

There’s no reason for Lowell to be playing at 5 p.m. on a Saturday the night after a 7 p.m. game. It’s never going to draw as well, and the student section especially seemed far less interested in the result for what was the more important game of the weekend.

2) Making it nervier than it ought to be.

New plan, fellas: Let’s never go into the third period losing against a team like Colgate a goal ever again. Agreed? Agreed.

Stat of the Week

As Inside College Hockey noted in its Power Rankings, where those MENSA candidates had Lowell at just No. 11 (foolish, of course), Lowell went 4 for 12 on the power play this weekend. But as we noted in our thoughts on Saturday’s game, several of those power plays were heavily abbreviated, and thus the number is much more impressive. For the year, Lowell has had 21 power plays, scoring six goals on 33 shots. Impressive numbers. That’s a 28.6 percent efficiency. But then if you take all the time Lowell actually spent on the power play, it’s just 31:25, meaning Lowell averages over a shot per minute, and a goal for every 2.5 penalties (just about). Deadly is what that is.

Well, we don’t need a microphone

Kudos to the students. They came out en masse for the Friday game and, despite the odd start time the following night, were there again in admittedly smaller numbers. They made noise all game (although the “Bullsh-t” chant has to go, especially for the clear penalties. What are we, Amherst?) and parts of the student section actually spent most of the game standing up. It’s great to see, and we demand there be literally 2,000 of them, all screaming for blood and vengeance, when Lowell takes on stupid BU this Friday.

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  1. sevenzerokc permalink
    October 27, 2009 8:37 pm

    They were definitely playing down to the competition with Colgate and they made up for it by dominating NU both physically and in offensive chances. If they can continue to wear teams down over the 1st and 2nd, the 3rd period +/- should improve over last year. Holmstrom looks great so far, obviously leading by example.

    As an aside, being a season ticket holder in Section X, we had to suffer the overly obnoxious Huskie fans on Saturday. They were intentionally irritating, forcing some of us to move elsewhere. I’m all for team support but they were over the top in pettiness. Perhaps they may make the Levels of Judgement List in the future. Of course, they were nowhere to be found as the game ended. The university insured us via email today that the same wouldn’t happen again, we shall see…
    Enjoy the blog, Thanks

  2. Bob permalink
    October 28, 2009 5:36 am

    It was nice to see a two win weekend, even when the team didn’t play it’s best. The Hawks will need to play much better against BU. The Friday game is huge, the Hawks need to take that one.

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