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Loose pucks: Ta neige, Acadie, fait des larmes au soleil

October 6, 2009

Three great things:
1) Hockey’s back.

We don’t see what more need be said about the matter. We actually saw a real, live River Hawks game and we’re just tickled over it.

2) The brutal majesty of a Maury Edwards one-timer.

Third period of the exhibition game featured something to which we were accustomed but had somehow forgotten. The puck slid across the blue line to Maury Edwards, and he wound and fired, and the puck came off his stick at an absolutely ludicrous speed. He missed the net, but we suddenly remembered there are two things you don’t want heading toward you: a runaway freight train and a bomb from Moe. It might have been his hardest shot ever. Simply awesome.

3) This video.

Everything that was great about last season (including Nick Schaus committing felonious assault on a whole slew of forwards), packed into four and a half minutes.

Two upsetting things:
1) Not being there.

Of course, Lowell opens the season out in the flyover states, meaning no one in their right mind would actually think to go see them play. Sure, we’ll have Bob Ellis on the radio and GameTracker on the computer, but it’s really not the same. Oct. 23 cannot come soon enough.

2) Disrespect.

The first USCHO poll of the season came out yesterday, and we were, of course, dismayed to find that Lowell was not only not a top-five team (and let’s face it, they should be top-1), but the ‘Hawks aren’t even considered a top-1o team. Now sure, you could say this is the result Western bias, and as a consequence of no one farther west than New York probably even saw the boys play last year. But then you’ve got to look up and see not one, not two, but THREE ECAC teams ahead of Lowell. Three! This is the exact reason the College Hockey Media has been on the Levels of Judgment since they existed. This is a shameful oversight.

Oh and have we got a whopper for TWiD tomorrow.

Stat of the Week
Unlike SOME teams in Hockey East we could mention, Lowell hasn’t lost a preseason game with a Canadian school since 2000, outscoring opponents 34-14 and going 6-0-1 (they didn’t play an exhibition in two of those seasons). You might scoff and say that’s nothing upon which to hang one’s hat, but somehow less than half the league can say that, so whatever.

What a way to ride, oh what a way to go
A not-so-good suggestion: If you get really hockey-starved while Lowell is away or inactive the next two weeks, you could always swing by Merrimack and see them take on the terrifying twosome of Holy Cross and Army next weekend. We guess our point is that it’s early yet.

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