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Weekend in review: And we’re off

October 5, 2009

This was, all things considered, not a very eventful weekend, except for three results. BC, Lowell and UNH steamrolled their Canadian guests by a combined score of 15-2, as we all expected. Northeastern, too, won its game, though it was considerably more wracking an experience from what we understand.

But the other three results? Not so good for the Hockey East teams.

Saturday featured two of them: UMass Amherst’s 3-2 home loss to New Brunswick and BU’s 2-2 draw with St. Francis Xavier. The former we perhaps should have seen coming, being that Amherst will be genuinely bad once again this year, and New Brunswick is a national power up in The True North Strong and Free. And hey, Amherst rolled a pretty weak lineup an.. oh what’s that? They played pretty much all the regulars except Martin Nolet? Hahaha, that’s outstanding.

BU’s draw, on the other hand, was a more or less freak accident. They outshot SFX something like 53-16 and somehow only scored twice, while third-string goalie Adam Kraus gave up two goals on nine shots to concede the point, such as it is. A bold prediction: The next time BU puts 53 shots on goal, more than two go in.

Sunday’s hysterical result was, of course, Vermont’s 3-2 overtime loss to New Brunswick (which has made quick work of every Hockey East team it has faced over the last few years, with one exception. Guess who that was). Unlike Amherst, though, they have an excuse in that they didn’t ice anything near a full-strength squad. Fair enough, one supposes, but it doesn’t make the result any less fun to look at on a schedule page, that’s for sure. And further news out of Vermont is that Justin Milo, the man who will surely replace every inch of scoring that Viktor Stalberg (a bonafide NHL player these days), is out indefinitely with a foot injury. It might wind up being a long, long year up in Burlington.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
Matt Lombardi, junior forward (Boston College) — He was one of only three players in Hockey East to have a three-point game, and he at least scored two goals. Banner night for sure.
(Honorable mention: Wade MacLeod, Northeastern; Scott Pavelski, UNH)

Rookie of the Week
Scott Pavelski, freshman forward (UNH) — Only freshman with three points. All of them were assists, and since all of them were of the primary variety, we can assume they were probably not Darren Haydar Memorial Assists.
(Honorable mention: Joe Caveney, Lowell; Riley Wetmore, Lowell)

Ham n Eggers of the Weak
UMass Amherst — Oh like it was going to be anyone else. They lost to a Canadian team with a full roster. And these guys think they can compete with Lowell year in and year out. Hooookay.
(Honorable mention: Vermont, BU)

National Polls

1 Denver (20) 23-12-5 873 4
2 Boston University* (17) 35- 6-4 814 1
3 Michigan ( 2) 29-12-0 787 3
4 Miami ( 5) 23-13-5 782 13
5 Notre Dame ( 2) 31- 6-3 750 2
6 North Dakota 24-15-4 615 7
7 Cornell 22-10-4 561 9
8 Yale 24- 8-2 512 5
9 Minnesota 17-13-7 509 19
10 Princeton* 22-12-1 474 10
11 Mass.-Lowell 20-16-2 448 16
12 Boston College* 18-14-5 402 20
13 Wisconsin 20-16-4 375 17
14 Vermont* 22-12-5 291 11
15 St. Cloud State 18-17-3 289 NR
16 New Hampshire* 20-13-5 236 12
17 Ohio State 23-15-4 211 14
18 Minnesota-Duluth 22-13-8 186 8
19 Air Force 28-11-2 154 18
20 Northeastern* 25-12-4 106 6
Others Receiving Votes: Northern Michigan 72, Bemidji State 66, Harvard 35, Colorado College 25, St. Lawrence 23, Massachusetts* 17, Minnesota State 11, Clarkson 10, RIT 10, Mercyhurst 6, Union 4, Alaska 1, Alaska-Anchorage 1, Dartmouth 1, Ferris State 1, Maine* 1, Quinnipiac 1
*Denotes 2009-10 Lowell opponent

Weekend Results (Home team bolded)
New Brunswick 3, UMass Amherst 2
UNH 8, Acadia 1
BU 2, St. Francis Xavier 2 (ot)
Northeastern 7, St. Thomas 5

Lowell 3
, Acadia 0
New Brunswick 3, Vermont 2 (ot)
BC 4
, St. Francis Xavier 1

How we voted
Nothing on which to vote just yet.

4 Comments leave one →
  1. October 6, 2009 1:05 pm

    Wow, no commentary on the fact that the USCHO voters think that three ECAC teams are better than Lowell and all the other Hockey East teams not named BU? Come on, I came looking for some unabashed, yet witty rage directed at the USCHO poll’s direction.

  2. RHHB permalink
    October 6, 2009 2:36 pm

    if you’ve ever read this blog before (or can, as an amherst alum, even read at all), you would know that obviously we let things go more or less without comment in the weekend in review and save all that for loose pucks, which will be done up a little later today.

    believe us, we were awful hurt by this latest slight from the college hockey media, and we’re gonna go after them as if they were a cop and we were a backup goalie at amherst. don’t strain your few remaining brain cells worrying about that, no sir.

  3. October 6, 2009 3:15 pm

    Classless, scathing replies even when people try to be sympathetic to your cause. Well, you are consistent.

  4. RHHB permalink
    October 6, 2009 3:37 pm

    is sarcasm 101 not being taught out amherst way? our apologies.

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