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Loose pucks: We were using lines from All Along the Watchtower just now

March 17, 2009

Three awesome things:
1) Dirty water.

For the first time in seven years, Lowell will be at the TD Banknorth Garden, and what a time to be alive. We’re still positively glowing from Saturday night, and we’re damn glad that won’t wear off until about two minutes before the puck drops at 5 p.m. on Friday. At that point, we’ll be walking disasters (both, we suspect, due to prior alcohol intake and nerves, but the former is meant to help with the latter, so we shall see).

2) This nice little run.

Since Lowell lost to Providence way back at the beginning of January, Lowell has been nigh unstoppable. Its only losses in that time were to then-No. 1 BU, then-No. 4 Northeastern twice, and then-still playing UMass Amherst. It also drew then-No. 15 BC and then-No. 6 Vermont. Other than that, the River Hawks rattled off 11 wins, many of them with alarming ease. Whatever happens on Friday, this will have been a successful season for Lowell by our metric. To quote ourselves from the season preview:

There’s no reason this team shouldn’t at least challenge (for an NCAA bid) all season, and by that we mean win a playoff series, get to the Garden, and probably win one there too.

Check, check, check, and we’ll see. That last one is very doable, in our estimation.

3) The CPR line.

Monstrous men. That is all.

Two crummy things:
1) Not being there.

The one downside to all this, of course, is that we were not able to get up to Burlington for the series and only saw Saturday’s game via the internet. We can only imagine the unadulterated joy we felt watching on a computer monitor was felt tenfold by those lucky Lowell fans that made the trek. Wish we could’ve experienced it.

2) That’s it really.

How can we be upset about anything else? We’re goin’ to Boston!

Stat of the Week
We’ve got a pick for Lowell’s best playoff performer: Paul Worthington. Something about the postseason just makes the kid kick it to another level. In his five career postseason games, Worthington has scored two goals and five assists. That’s 1.40 points per game. Compare that with his career points per game in the regular season of .40 (28 in 70) and you’re looking at a PPG jump of a full point a night? That’s crazy. He’s clearly a bonafide posteason warrior. NU might wanna double-cover this kid on Friday.

Remember.. Bob Dylan and whatever?
We mentioned it yesterday, but this might be worth noting: We don’t think there’s such a thing as The Big Four any more. Maine missed the playoffs last year and finished eighth this season, and they only seemed to have been getting worse as the season progressed. Many Black Bear fans point to coach Tim Whitehead as the problem, and the bad news for the Maine program is that Whitehead is signed through 2011, with a verbal agreement for another two years on top of that. So Maine’s out.

The other team that would like desperately to be included in The Big Four is Vermont, but come on. Without Viktor Stalberg, they’re a seventh-place team. And with him, they can’t even get out of the quarterfinals. Hahahahahaha.

So yeah, from now on, we will only be refering to The Big Three as something about which to worry.

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