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Weekend in review: Big Gulps, huh? Alright. Welp, see ya later!

March 2, 2009

Well that was fun while it lasted. Lowell was, of course, unceremoniously bounced from home ice contention by Northeastern thanks to a Huskies sweep that included a 3-0 at Matthews on Friday and a 3-1 win at Lowell the next night. Yes, with Lowell’s season on the line it scored one goal in 120 minutes. Great. Nothing like playing for fifth place the last weekend of the season, eh?

Meanwhile, BU kept up with the Huskies with a sweep of UMass Amherst that was as hilarious to us as anything we could have possibly imagined. On Friday, UMass Amherst led by three goals in the second period at home and ended up losing 6-3, the news of which almost sent us into apoplexy. The next night’s equally-embarrassing 7-2 loss was also delightful.

Vermont and UNH both kept rolling, locking up home ice with sweeps of Maine in Orono, 3-2 and 2-1, and Merrimack, 4-3 in North Andover and 1-0 in Durham, respectively.

BC also swept Providence 5-1 and then 4-3 in overtime.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
Brad Thiessen, Northeastern (junior goalie) — We don’t know who at the Hockey East offices had their child run over by Thiessen, but how this guy wasn’t named AT LEAST their Defensive Player of the Week is beyond us. We can almost see the argument for Jason Lawrence as POTW, but Rob Madore? Really? This posted a 24-save shutout against the previously red-hot No. 20 team in the country, then followed that up with a 32-of-33 effort. Madore failed to shutout the eight-place team in Hockey East. Poor Thiessen. He rules.
(Honorable mention: Jason Lawrence, BU; Carter Hutton, Lowell)

Rookie of the Week
Mike McLaughlin, Northeastern (freshman forward) — Two game-winning goals against Lowell will get you this award pretty much every time.
(Honorable mention: David Vallorani, Lowell; Rob Madore, Vermont (held out on principle))

Ham n Eggers of the Week
UMass Amherst — We were very, very tempted to give this to either Lowell or Nevin Hamilton, but if you host a team you already beat by like four goals and blow a 3-0 lead, THEN lose by five the next night, you couldn’t deserve this award more if you stood up on the bus to work every day for a week. What’s in that brown paper bag, Minutemen? Your dry bologna sandwich or your dignity?
(Dishonorable mention: Lowell; Nevin Hamilton, Lowell)

National Poll

Team (FPV) Record Points Last Poll
1 Boston University* (44) 25- 5-4 994 1
2 Notre Dame ( 6) 27- 5-3 956 2
3 Michigan 26-10-0 888 3
4 Northeastern* 22- 8-4 850 4
5 Denver 20-10-4 763 5
6 North Dakota 21-11-4 716 8
7 Vermont* 19- 8-5 689 9
8 Miami 19-10-5 627 7
9 New Hampshire* 18- 9-5 562 12
10 Princeton 20- 9-0 549 6
11 Yale 20- 7-2 536 11
12 Cornell 18- 7-4 502 10
13 Colorado College 16-10-9 331 13
14 Ohio State 20-12-4 324 15
15 St. Lawrence 19-11-4 316 17
16 Minnesota-Duluth* 16-10-8 241 14
17 Minnesota 14-11-7 205 18
18 St. Cloud State 18-14-2 141 19
19 Wisconsin 16-14-4 112 16
20 Boston College* 15-12-5 89 NR
Others Receiving Votes: Air Force 56, Mass.-Lowell 22, RIT* 16, Dartmouth 6, Minnesota State 5, Alaska 4

*Denotes 2008-09 Lowell opponent

Hockey East Weekly Awards
Player of the Week: Jason Lawrence, BU
Rookie of the Week: Mike McLaughlin, Northeastern
Defensive Player of the Week: Rob Madore, Vermont
Honor roll: Barry Almeida, BC; Matt Bergland, Providence; Nick Bonino, BU; Brock Bradford, BC; Joe Cannata, Merrimack; Chris Connolly, BU; Greg Collins, UNH; Brian Flynn, Maine; Brian Foster, UNH; Matt Gilroy, BU; Tanner House, Maine; Justin Milo, Vermont; Brad Thiessen, Northeastern

Weekend results (home team bolded)
Northeastern 3
, Lowell 0
BU 6, UMass Amherst 3
BC 5,
Providence 1
Vermont 3, Maine 2
UNH 4, Merrimack 3

Northeastern 3, Lowell 1
UNH 1, Merrimack 0
BU 7, UMass Amherst 2
BC 4, Providence 3 (ot)
Vermont 2, Maine 1

How we voted
Last year, voting for the Player of the Game was very, umm, lax. Let’s not have that happen this year, eh? Go vote right now. What we’ll do is post our votes each week and then you can have something to copy because you know we know what we’re talking about.

1) David Vallorani
2) Carter Hutton
3) Ryan Blair

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