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Loose pucks: A little perspective

February 4, 2009

Three things better than any other things:
1) Winning at Maine.

Off the top of our head brief history of things that have happened between Lowell’s wins in Orono.

September 11th, the invasion of Afghanistan, the invasion of Iraq, Red Sox win two World Series, Patriots win three Super Bowls, Celtics win an NBA championship, black president, the guy from Kindergarten Cop becomes governor of California, Hurricane Katrina, we graduate from high school, we graduate from college, four Olympics, Michael Phelps wins like 50 medals/smokes pot, “Arrested Development” becomes awesome TV show/is canceled, two versions of “The Office,” Lance Armstrong wins five Tour de Frances, the Dow breaks 8,000 points, the Dow falls below 5,000 points, gas is $1.25 a gallon, gas is $4.00 a gallon, Spice Girls reunite/break up, David Beckham saves soccer in US/hates US/returns to Europe, pirates become a threat off the coast of Africa, Pirates remain no threat to win NL Central.

We’re sure we missed a few things.

2) Kory Falite.

The kid straight-up murders Maine. In his seven career games against the Black Bears, he has three goals and three assists. When was the last time anyone on Lowell had that kind of track record against Maine? Our guess: never.

3) One-goal games.

Only because Lowell is winning them right now and wasn’t doing so earlier this year. Lowell is 3-1 in its last four one-goal games and 0-8 in the prior eight. So that’s a very nice change of pace and likely portends good things for this Friday’s meeting with BU.

Two things that are worse than some other things:
1) Playing BU

We know the River Hawks have played very well against the Terriers this year, and that more than a few BU players are suffering from flu-like symptoms. That said, BU typically doesn’t have what you’d consider a “Beanpot trap” game. They’ve won their last five games between Beanpot Mondays, including last year’s 6-2 romp over Lowell in what may have been the ‘Hawks’ worst performance of the season. And given the way they continually let Harvard back into the game on Monday, it’s tough to envision Jack Parker taking it easy on them ahead of a game against Lowell and the Beanpot Championship with Northeastern two days later. The good news is that the last team to beat BU between Beanpot games was, in fact, Lowell.

2) Road trips.

Lowell has six of its remaining 10 games on the road and all but one, Saturday’s game against Amherst, is against a nationally-ranked opponent. Does it seem like Hockey East goes out of its way to screw Lowell on the back end of the schedule every year? Sure strikes us that way.

Stat of the Week
Only one River Hawk does better against Maine than Falite, and he didn’t even play on Friday. Jonathan Maniff had four goals and an assist in four career games against the Black Bears. Apart from Falite and Ben Holmstrom (who has four points in six games), there hasn’t even been a River Hawk since 2003-04’s graduating class that even came close to that kind of production against Maine. So that’s a step in the right direction, at least.

Fresh out, I take it?
It’s been more than a little while here since we eagerly anticipated a Lowell game, but we think this weekend could be a cracker both in terms of on-ice performance and entertainment value. Both of the Lowell/BU games this season have been very good (the results, not so much) and any time you have a chance to win the season series against Amherst IN Amherst, you gotta be excited.

Go ‘Hawks go!

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