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Weekend in review: Okay then

January 26, 2009

Well that makes us feel better. Pretty much everything broke how Lowell would have liked, and now it’s a point back of fourth place behind UNH and BC.

The Wildcats, as you know, were decimated by BU this weekend, losing a pair of games, giving up a glut of goals, and scoring just one in the process. On Friday, they also became the first UNH team in like three years to have been shut out when they lost 5-0 in Boston, before suffering a more-respectable 3-1 loss in Durham.

BC, meanwhile, swept Maine at Conte, 6-3 and 4-1. While we would have prefered a split to keep Lowell in fifth, we can certainly accept this as unfortunate happenstance for the time being given that the Eagles benefit from a game in hand.

The other series that had a bearing on Lowell’s spot in the standings, that being Amherst at Vermont in what has to be the most stultifyingly dull Hockey East series of the year. Vermont, fortunately, took three points from the Minutemen, 2-1 Friday and 1-1 Saturday, to keep them a healthy distance back of Lowell.

The one series that had little bearing either way on the ‘Hawks’ playoff chances was, of course, Northeastern’s impressive sweep of a hot Providence side, 3-1 and 6-3.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week
Kieran Millan, BU (freshman goalie) — Goddamn are we getting sick of this kid. He made 51 saves this weekend on 52 shots. There ya go. He’s good.
(Honorable mention: Jeremy Dehner, Lowell; Scott Campbell, Lowell; Mark Roebothan, Lowell)

Rookie of the Week
Mike Scheu, Lowell (freshman forward) — Scheu was awful good against the ‘Mack and obviously has a good amount of talent, so let’s hope he can keep up that point-a-game streak of his. Any time you draw a penalty and set up a goal on your first college shift, you’re doing something right.
(Honorable mention: Rob Madore, Vermont; Jesse Todd, Merrimack)

Ham n Eggers of the Weak
Corey Tropp and Andrew Conboy, Michigan State — Pair of clowns, both of them. They should be done for the year.
(Dishonorable mention: Amherst, just because)

National Poll

Team (FPV) Record Points Last Poll
1 Notre Dame (37) 19-3-3 987 1
2 Boston University* (13) 18-5-1 963 2
3 Northeastern* 17-5-2 867 5
4 Cornell 14-2-3 831 3
5 Minnesota 12-5-5 791 6
6 Vermont* 14-5-4 716 7
7 Denver 15-7-3 696 4
8 Michigan 18-8-0 692 8
9 Princeton 13-5-0 582 9
10 Miami 14-8-4 553 10
11 Boston College* 11-8-3 450 14
12 North Dakota 15-10-3 432 15
13 New Hampshire* 11-8-4 353 11
14 Ohio State 16-7-3 347 12
15 Wisconsin 13-10-3 279 16
16 Minnesota-Duluth* 13-7-6 271 17
17 Colorado College 13-9-6 244 13
18 Yale 13-5-1 158 NR
19 Air Force 17-6-1 97 20
20 Dartmouth 10-7-2 67 18
Others Receiving Votes: St. Cloud State 42, Nebraska-Omaha 24, RIT* 23, Alaska 17, Minnesota State 5, Massachusetts* 4, Quinnipiac* 4, St. Lawrence 4, Niagara 1

*Denotes 2008-09 Lowell opponent

Hockey East Weekly Awards
Player of the Week: Ryan Ginand, Northeastern
Rookie of the Week: Rob Madore, Vermont
Defensive Player of the Week: Kieran Millan, BU
Honor roll: Barry Almeida, BC; Mike Banwell, Maine; Scott Campbell, Lowell; Chris Connolly, BU; Jeremy Dehner, Lowell; Matt Germain, PC; Chris Higgins, BU; Jason Lawrence, BU; Mike McLaughlin, Northeastern; John Muse, BC; Mark Roebothan, Lowell; Mike Sislo, UNH; Viktor Stålberg, Vermont; Brad Thiessen, Northeastern; Jesse Todd, Merrimack; Joe Whitney, BC; Colin Wilson, BU

Weekend results (home team bolded)
Lowell 3, Merrimack 2

BU 5, UNH 0
Northeastern 3, Providence 1
Vermont 2, UMass Amherst 1

BU 3, UNH 1
Vermont 1, UMass Amherst 1 (ot)
Lowell 3, Merrimack 2
BC 6, Maine 3
Northeastern 6, Providence 3

BC 4, Maine 1

How we voted
Last year, voting for the Player of the Game was very, umm, lax. Let’s not have that happen this year, eh? Go vote right now. What we’ll do is post our votes each week and then you can have something to copy because you know we know what we’re talking about.

1) Jeremy Dehner
2) Nick Schaus
3) Carter Hutton

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