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Loose pucks: Hi, BU!

January 14, 2009

Three things we support:
1) BU losing to Providence.

Small consolation, one supposes, but any consolation at this point is going to be welcomed. Lowell may have lost to Providence in embarrassing fashion on Saturday, but BU’s embarrassment has to be worse; after all, they got a first-place vote or two this week and were hosting the game. Of course, it’s not all sunshine and lollipops for Lowell. All this winning means Providence inches closer to actually competing with the ‘Hawks for a playoff spot.

2) Uhhh…

Okay we’re out of good things, we think. Care to suggest some? Oh wait…

3) Lowell on TV this week.

Now we don’t have to GO to BC to watch the ‘Hawks get slaughtered. Bonus!

Two things against which we rail:
1) Oh, everything.

It’s been a bad situation for a while and now we get to see our beloved River Hawks get steamrolled by BC on Friday. Fun! If Brock Bradford scores less than 14 goals and Johnny Muse has to make more than six saves to get the shutout, we’ll be stunned.

2) This weird feeling in the pit of our stomachs.

So rare is it that we enter a game against Amherst with anything but the utmost confidence that our preternaturally and historically superior hockey club will beat its Amherstian counterpart senseless that we’re very confused about how we now feel in light of recent, ahem, unfortunate events. What does this feeling mean? Is it actual concern that Lowell might not beat Amherst? Dear god. We think it might be. How appalling.

Stat of the Week:
Lowell has scored eight goals in its last six games. We knew that. But this run of terrible play has us thinking about that 20-game winless streak back in 2006-07. That featured individual losing streaks of six and nine games, and both are shockingly similar to the one in which Lowell currently embroiled. In the old six-game streak, Lowell scored eight goals (sound familiar?) and in the nine-game streak, they scored 16. Hopefully this isn’t a sign of things to come.

Hi, Merrimack.
We’re terribly sorry to be all doom-and-gloom lately, but what’re ya gonna do? We saw BC/Vermont on NESN last weekend and while the BC defense was very iffy, the offense was completely impressive. It would take a miracle to not only score enough goals to win (say, more than two) but also to silent this potent BC attack.

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