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Loose pucks: Workin’ through it

December 10, 2008

Three things we enjoy:
1) Nevin Hamilton.

Had it not been for Hamilton, last weekend would have been a disaster. Lowell showed up for only a small fraction of the 120 minutes they played last weekend and got outscored 5-2. Imagine how badly it would have gone if Hamilton had opted to pull a no-show as well. Even in giving up four goals, he still made 61 saves for a .939 save percentage. Can’t ask for much more out of the goalie than that. The rest of the team, though…

2) The break.

It’s just three days away now, and will officially begin around 9:15 on Friday. That’s very good news for a very banged up Lowell team. Carter Hutton and Matt Ferreira will be back for sure, and maybe even Mark Roboethan and Jason DeLuca will join them. Phenomenal news for Lowell considering their opponents in the Chicago tournament are an always-tough Minnesota-Duluth team and possibly the current No. 1 team in the country.

3) Maury Edwards‘ shot.

It had been a while since we saw it (five games, actually), but he unleashed it at UNH. Even though it screamed past Brian Foster, we kind of had the feeling Moe didn’t get all of it.

Two things we clearly do not enjoy:
1) Lack of effort.

After subpar showings against Merrimack and RIT, we figured Lowell would show up loaded for bare to unleash the dragon on UNH, but they managed one paltry strong offensive period. The result showed in the two combined goals they scored this weekend. So much for the best damn offense in Hockey East.

2) The result.

That much speaks for itself.

Stat of the Week:
The last time a Lowell goalie faced 60-plus shots in a two-game series was last year in the home-and-home series against Northeastern toward the end of the season, when Carter Hutton faced 31 shots and earned a 5-4 win in overtime at Lowell then made 30 saves in a 3-2 win the next night. The last time a Lowell goalie saw that many shots in a weekend and didn’t win, it was also Hutton, who made 38 saves in a 3-3 tie and 32 in a 7-3 loss with Minnesota-Duluth on opening weekend in 2006-07.

Gettin’ there:
Turns out Lowell will be well-represented at BU on Friday thanks to a fan bus that the school is putting together for students. Outstanding!

Some details for however many students read this blog (We’ve never actually heard from any, but figure there can’t be too many, right?): The school got 50 tickets for $15 bucks each (we believe BU’s regular price for visitors is in the $20-23 range) and the bus can hold 45 people. Anyone who takes the bus will also receive pizza. If anyone shows up to the bus with a Blue Fan Group shirt, they also get a free $10 gift card for Suppa’s Pizza. Shoot Scott Donnelly an e-mail if you’re interested.

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