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Loose pucks: What is this? Why don’t we own this?

December 3, 2008

Three things yes:
1) Preparedness.

Lowell went into last week’s games with Merrimack and RIT seemingly unprepared. The River Hawks had maybe their worst single period of the season at the ‘Mack on Tuesday (and this includes the one in which they gave up four to BU) and more or less pulled a no-show against RIT. That they won both games handily speaks to how good the team is, but that no one seemed especially happy with it speaks to where its collective head is at. Because of the general unhappiness with the overall play in those two games and, we’re sure, the week of hard practices that followed, Lowell should come out against UNH ready for war. If an unmotivated, disinterested team can put up nine in two games and a motivated team can put up eight on UNH in one, we don’t really like the Wildcats’ chances on Friday at least.

2) Confidence.

When was the last time we, as Lowell fans, went into a weekend series with any of the Big Four going, “I dunno, we could take three or even sweep here?” Better yet, when did it seem like fans of the opposing team more or less agreed with that sentiment? It shows, to us at least, how far Lowell has come even this season. When UNH is legitimately scared that they might not get a point against Lowell, it pretty much proves the ‘Hawks are now officially a force to be reckoned with. We could get used to that.

3) Soup.

Good ol’ Scott Campbell. Dude was a runner up for Hockey East Player of the Month with 5-5-10 in eight games in November. This after just 2-0-2 in five games in October. It might just be he’s starting to break out and become the offensive juggernaut he was in the COJHL. Also: faceoffs. He is good at them.

Two things no:
1) Disrespect!

David Vallorani has been a revelation for Lowell. The kid is nasty. October’s Hockey East Rookie of the Month and all that. But this month, despite 3-5-8 in eight games, he doesn’t even get consideration for the award. Stupid Hockey East. Maine goalie Scott Darling was a very good choice for the ROTM, obviously, but Gustav Nyquist ahead of Vallorani? You must be joking. Likewise, Kory Falite’s 7-1-8 in eight games somehow didn’t warrant consideration for Player of the Month. Silly. That’s what it is.

2) Injuries.

Lowell caught quite the little injury bug in the space of two games. Matt Ferreira goes down with an injury Tuesday against Merrimack, Mark Roebothan gets early against RIT, and Jason DeLuca, who was filling in for Ferreira, gets hurt right at the end. Now, we’ve said before that we feel Lowell has enough cover to get by, as opposed to last year when it almost had anyone in the stands with NCAA eligibility getting fitted for pads, and we suppose it’s lucky that all these injuries come a three games before break, but still, you never want to see anyone get hurt, especially when the team had been playing so well top to bottom.

Stat of the Week:
David Vallorani, who has 13 points in as many games, is the only Lowell freshman to have a point-a-game scoring pace through 13 games in many, many years. In fact, the last rookie to score 13 in his first 13 was Laurent Meunier, who finished his two-year career at Lowell with 58 points in 62 games. He had 10-23-33 in 35 games as a freshman. Vallorani’s pace right now is going to put him at about eight goals and 27 assists. That is very, very promising.

Don’t be thick in front of us
Just a reminder for those that won’t be going up to UNH on Saturday that the game will be on CN8 (that’d be Channel 3 for all you local Comcast subscribers).

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