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Loose pucks: Up with hope

November 5, 2008

Three things that are making us smile:
1) The continued roll.

It would have been easy to let the guard down against a bad team like Quinnpiac, especially for a midweek, sparsely-attended matchup with little more on the line than an early-season .500 record, but Lowell stuck to the gameplan, scored three in the first period, allowed just one all night (again!) and ground out a fairly impressive win. It’s a shame given the late-game bush league tactics QU used that Lowell couldn’t have opened the lead a little farther and really rubbed the Bobcats’ noses in it, but what’re ya gonna do? Four goals is a perfectly acceptable output every night.

2) The top line.

Seven combined points and three goals for Kory Falite, Ben Holmstrom and Paul Worthington is something to get excited about after a relatively slow start. We think we mentioned it in our Thursday Thoughts but Falite just LOOKED more confident as the game went on, which is something that can’t have been said for any point during the PC game. We’re hoping this is the start of Lowell’s top line becoming one of the most dominant in the nation (though we’d settle for most dominant in Hockey East). They certainly have the talent.

3) David Vallorani: Hockey East Rookie of the Month.

Vallorani’s 0-5-5 month was good enough to earn top honors among Hockey East freshmen in October. That hasn’t happened for a Lowell player since Nevin Hamilton won it in March of 2007. Vallorani faced some stiff competition this month, with Gustav Nyquist of Maine and Merrimack’s Joe Cannata both having very solid first months in Hockey East, but they’re no Dave Vallorani, that’s for sure. Good for Vallorani, and good for Lowell as well.

Two things over which we be gettin’ our frown on:
1) BU coming to town.

Boy the Terriers have a pretty good power play and it’s helped them score 14 goals in the last two games. We caught the BU/UVM game from the Gut last weekend and it, uhh, wasn’t pretty. If BU can use the man advantage against Lowell like it did against UVM, our ‘Hawks are in for a loooooooooooooooong night. Looooooooooooooooooooooong. Not that Lowell’s penalty kill has been bad the last few games. It hasn’t, at all. But that PP is F’ing scary. Memo to Lowell: take zero penalties on Friday. Believe us.

2) Terrier fans keepin’ it classy.

Over on USCHO, the “lol crack” and “safety school” jokes have already begun. Just hilarious guys. Congratulations on earning another Two Minutes’ Hate.

Stat of the Week
Lowell’s top power play unit always hopes it gets a lot of opportunities against anyone, but it should really be hoping when BU and UVM come to town. In their careers, the top unit of Falite, Maury Edwards, Ben Holmstrom, Paul Worthington and Jeremy Dehner have 39 combined points against the Terriers and Catamounts. Of those, a whopping 28 came against BU last year. That’s something to keep an eye on this weekend, eh?

Down with dope
We’d like to close this week with a word not about our beloved River Hawk hockey team, but instead our similarly beloved River Hawk men’s soccer team. The boys won the Northeast-10 title last week and we’ll be at the playoff game tonight at 5 p.m. We’re big fans of longtime coach Ted Priestly, who runs one hell of a classy organization and always picks a great XI. Congratulations all around. Let’s beat the hell out of those Dolphins tonight, eh boys?

2 Comments leave one →
  1. Joe Grav permalink
    November 6, 2008 7:54 pm

    Go Lowell!

    Your players are carrying my Fantasy College Hockey team right now. I’m a bit afraid of starting Hamilton against BU though, with the way they’ve been scoring… haha.

  2. Joe Grav permalink
    November 6, 2008 7:55 pm

    Wow. Did I say Hamilton?

    I meant Hutton.


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