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Weekend in review: How is UMass ranked?

November 3, 2008

Explain something to us, if you’d be so kind.

UMass sweeps Providence in fairly convincing fashion and catapults to No. 19 in the nation. How? They may have scored 14 goals this weekend in wins of 9-4 and 5-1, but how does anyone see beating Providence as an accomplishment? They’d scored one goal in two prior Hockey East games and then this weekend they pop in five. How bad is UMass’ defense and goaltending if it’s giving up five goals to PC on 57 shots? We’ve seen PC play. It’s not like a good number of those shots were going to be from high-percentage areas. James Marcou had an unbelievable eight points this weekend, and all the credit in the world to him for that, but let’s slow down in heaping praise on a team that beats Providence twice. Lowell beat Providence last week and LOST ground in the polls. Doesn’t make a lot of sense.

Inside College Hockey is already revving up the Brock Bradford for Hobey-mobile after he scored three goals against Merrimack and BC pulled out a sweep, 4-1 and 4-3 in overtime. We like Bradford just fine and we like BC as a program even more, but three goals against Merrimack isn’t exactly three goals against UNH. Merrimack lost to Niagara, and even Maine beat them.

Speaking of which, did you ever think you’d live in a universe in which Maine fans were actually breathing sighs of relief over two so-so wins against Niagara? Wow, 4-2 and 4-1 against one of the usual Maine cupcakes they usually beat 8-0. Congratulations guys.

And how ’bout those UVM Catamounts that view Lowell games as the kind they simply have to get two points out of? Saturday night they got clowned in their own barn by BU 7-2. Chris Higgins, four points. Nick Bonino, three points. Six other guys, two points. Bra-vo, Vermont. Home ice and a Hockey East title contender for sure. That 3-2 overtime win against Dartmouth, who came in with just one game under its belt and lost that one? Super impressive.

Wait there was actually a good series in Hockey East this weekend too. UNH edged out a 4-2 win (that fourth was an ENG) over Northeastern at the Whitt and then skated to a 2-2 draw down at Matthews. We had the pleasure of watching Friday’s game on television and it was pretty damn good. Wish more games were like that.

Our weekly awards
Player of the Week
James Marcou, UMass (sophomore forward) — We will (grudgingly) give Marcou this award because, well, eight points is eight points no matter who it’s against. Well-deserved, unlike that No. 19 ranking, which is just ludicrous.
(Honorable mention: Kory Falite, UML; Chris Higgins, BU)

Rookie of the Week
T.J. Massie, Lowell (freshman goalie) — Tough to argue with a 27-save win in your first collegiate start.
(Honorable mention: Jimmy Hayes, BC; Matt DiGirolamo, UNH)

Ham-n-eggers of the Weak
Providence College — How do you give up FOURTEEN goals to UMass? Against teams of any consequence (and thus we discount the RPI game), UMass had scored five. Obviously the number remains that way until they play another team of any consequence, because Providence, obviously, is not. But at least the Friars scored five times to sextuple their Hockey East output for the year. Because of that, we almost squeezed UMass’ defense and goaltending into this spot, because that’s just as embarrassing.
(Dishonorable mention: UMass’ defense; the idea that UVM is any good)

National poll

Team (FPV) Record Points Last Poll
1 Colorado College (41) 5-0-3 986 1
2 Boston College* ( 5) 5-1-0 932 2
3 Boston University* ( 4) 5-1-0 908 3
4 Minnesota 4-0-2 829 5
5 New Hampshire* 4-1-2 772 6
6 Denver 4-2-1 755 4
7 Michigan 6-2-0 676 8
8 Miami 4-2-2 599 7
9 Princeton 1-0-0 548 10
10 Northeastern* 5-1-2 529 9
11 Michigan State* 4-2-2 468 11
12 Notre Dame* 4-3-0 457 13
13 Minnesota State 3-2-1 316 12
14 Air Force 8-0-0 291 17
15 Clarkson 1-1-2 249 15
16 Vermont* 3-2-1 216 14
17 Cornell 0-0-0 187 16
18 Harvard 1-0-0 156 20
19 Massachusetts* 4-1-1 146 NR
20 Minnesota-Duluth 4-1-2 104 NR
Others Receiving Votes: North Dakota 89, St. Lawrence 59, Alaska-Anchorage 53, Nebraska-Omaha 30, St. Cloud State 28, Colgate 25, Union 20, Dartmouth 16, Mass.-Lowell 15, Northern Michigan 11, Yale 11, Wisconsin 7, Ferris State 6, Alaska 4, Bemidji State 1, RIT 1

*Indicates UML 2008-09 opponent

Hockey East Weekly Awards
Player of the Week: James Marcou, UMass
Rookie of the Week: Gustav Nyquist, Maine
Defensive Player of the Week: Brad Thiessen, NU
Honor roll: Brock Bradford, BC; Nick Bonino, BU; Justin Braun, UMass; Bobby Butler, UNH; Joe Cannatta, Merrimack; Scott Darling, Maine; Matt DiGirolamo, UNH; Kory Falite, UML; Chris Hahn, Maine; Jimmy Hayes, BC; Chris Higgins, BU; Ben Holmstrom, UML; Pat Kimball, Merrimack; T.J. Massie, UML; Rob Madore, UVM; Justin Milo, UVM; Casey Wellman, UMass; Colin Wilson, BU

Weekend results (home team bolded)
Lowell 4, Quinnipiac 1
BC 4, Merrimack 1

UNH 4, NU 2
UMass 9, PC 4
BC 4, Merrimack 3 (ot)
Maine 4, Niagara 2

UNH 2, NU 2 (ot)
UMass 5, Providence 1
BU 7, UVM 2
Maine 4, Niagara 1

Vermont 3, Dartmouth 2 (ot)

How we voted
Last year, voting for the Player of the Game was very, umm, lax. Let’s not have that happen this year, eh? Go vote right now. What we’ll do is post our votes each week and then you can have something to copy because you know we know what we’re talking about.

This week’s POTG:
1) Kory Falite
2) Ben Holmstrom
3) T.J. Massie

3 Comments leave one →
  1. Jay permalink
    November 5, 2008 1:18 am

    Why is Lowell ranked below UMass?

    UMass is 4-1-1. Lowell is 3-2.

    UMass tied UNH at UNH.

    As a UMass fan, I disagree with the rankings for Lowell. It is too low. UMass is right about where they should be. Lowell is a better team than their current ranking and will finish the year ahead of the Minutemen.

    They’d scored one goal in two prior Hockey East games

    UMass only played 1 HE game before the Providence series.

  2. hawks blog permalink
    November 5, 2008 3:14 am

    should have been more clear. meant PC, who was shut out by NU and scored one against UML

  3. Jon permalink
    November 5, 2008 5:55 pm

    Don’t worry: PC will continue to destroy UML’s ranking (and UMASS. And NU) by being a horrible horrible team.

    All in a vain effort to drive me to a mental hospital.

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