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Loose pucks: A day late

October 29, 2008

Three things of which we consider ourselves fans:
1) The almost 6,200 people in the building to watch a game against Providence.

Not BC, not Maine, not UNH, not BU. Providence. And unlike when the Big Four schools come to town, the rink was probably 98-2 in favor of Lowell, if not moreso. It was insane. We’re not going to allow ourselves to become accustomed to this trend (and certainly not ahead of a Thursday night game against an out-of-conference opponent like The Q), but if we see a couple more dates like this over the course of the season, we could be so foolish as to get used to nights like that.

Kudos all around for the atmosphere on Friday, especially to the students, who showed up in ridiculous numbers and brought a tremendous amount of energy to the East End. The Tsongas Arena was alive in a way we’d not seen since Lowell beat BC 8-4 in the 2002-03 season and it was entirely thanks to them.

2) Games that are never in doubt.

We admit to having reservations about the outcome of this game going in. After all, how many times do you need to play a team into overtime before you stop believing in an easy W? But the result of this one was a sure thing the second Nick Schaus scored on the power play. Providence may have threatened a few times, but we never worried. We figured Lowell had it wrapped up, and by the time Mark Roebothan scored in the second, we knew for sure.

That kind of belief is a nice thing, isn’t it?

3) David Vallorani.

It’s not every day a kid at Lowell starts his career with five points in four games, but Vallorani has done that on top of being defensively responsible and not being on one of the top scoring lines. Give this kid all the power play shifts he wants and let’s try to jumpstart some of the underperforming scorers with him. He’s pretty awesome.

Two things we’re iffy on, at best:
1) Midweek games.

We’ve never been a fan of midweek games if they’re the only game of the week. We’re all for swinging by the Volpe on a Tuesday night if there’s also a Saturday night game against an out-of-conference opponent or something like that, but a Thursday night game against a team Lowell has literally no history against and it’s the only one until next weekend? Not good, if you ask us, even if next weekend does feature two home games against Hockey East opponents. Okay, that second part’s not so bad after all.

2) The Q.

If you can name five people that care about the Bobcats who aren’t related to someone on the team, we’d be shocked.

Stat of the Week
If your defense gives the ‘Hawks two goals, they deliver a win more often than not. Lowell is 2-0 in games in which it scores more than once this year, and is also 22-9-4 over the last two seasons when reaching that mark (a .686 winning percentage). We’ll take that.

A dollar short
It was quite the heartbreaker to watch former Chief-slash-River Hawk Dwayne Roloson lose 1-0 to a guy that wasn’t good enough to be a River Hawk (Tim Thomas) in the outstanding Boston/Edmonton game on Monday night. We were understandably conflicted. Roloson was the only reason the Oilers were able to rescue a point against Boston, because they’re now goalless in their last two meetings with the Bruins dating back to the game after the Stuart/Primeau-for-Kobasew/Ference trade. Rollie deserves better.

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