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Loose pucks: I punched a paparazzi in the face on my way out of Spago’s

October 21, 2008

Three things for which we find ourselves grateful:
1) A split at State.

Hey, any time an unranked Lowell team splits with the No. 11 team in the country, that’s fine by us. Especially when it’s on the road, and especially considering Michigan State only lost four games at the Munn last year. But not only that, Lowell dictated those games. The 3-0 win was obviously controlled by Lowell from the outset, and apart from a one-minute letdown in the 2-1 loss, Lowell had that game pretty well in-hand too. Carter Hutton, right now, is doing exactly what he needs to do to make Lowell successful, especially since the offense hasn’t exactly set the world on fire in these first three games. This weekend provided some very important building blocks for the rest of the year.

2) Home openers.

Finally. It’s almost Novemeber, but we, at long last, get a regular-season look at our beloved ‘Hawks on Friday night when they host Providence College. There’s good news and there’s great news. The good news is that PC seems to be pretty bad this year and this is a very winnable game for Lowell. The great news is that tickets, reportedly, are selling very, very well for a game against Providence College. Those much-maligned tarps are already being rolled back, and that is HUGE news. Let’s hope it keeps up all season.

3) No seriously. Home openers.

It’s all very exciting. And it also means the return of the Tuesday night hockey radio show, which is always a fun listen when we’re home.

Two things we aren’t so pleased with:
1) The offense.

This is a team that’s still averaging less than two goals a game, and that makes it awful hard to win. We acknowledge, obviously, that scoring on the road is more difficult than at home, and particularly in hostile enviroments like the Munn Ice Arena. We acknowledge, too, that it’s still early. But that’s hardly an excuse. Two goals should be the bare minimum average for any hockey team’s offense at any level. If you’re doing less than that, you’re giving your goalie a nearly impossible task. As far as we know (not that we’ve done any research), only one goalie in the history of Hockey East has a sub-2 GAA, and that’s Jimmy Howard a few years ago with his 1.9-something. The lack of scoring needs to get corrected in a hurry.

2) Playing Providence.

You just know this is going to overtime. We’d be shocked if it didn’t. Five of the last six UML/PC games have taken the additional five minutes. We hate overtime. We want Lowell to win by like 12 or 13 just to make sure the game is well in hand so we’re not worrying all night. Plus, y’know, wins like that tend to pad the stats.

Stat of the Week
Last weekend we mentioned that the 3-0 win gave Carter Hutton the third shutout of his career. It wasn’t. It was his fourth. His previous three shutouts came against Merrimack in 2006-07 (we believe that was his first start ever), and Merrimack and Maine last year. We deeply regret the error.

I spilled a capuccino latte on my shih tzu. It was embarrassing.
Only one game this week and one game next week (that on a Thursday). What gives? We have a serious hockey addiction and two home games before November is not enough for us. Let’s get that number closer to like, 16 or 17 next year, okay?

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