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The Lowell Sun remains the worst daily publication in the known universe

October 10, 2008

So we opened our Lowell Sun this morning hoping to read the paper’s usually-decent UML Hockey season preview. The season, after all, starts tomorrow, and if a few lazy idiots like us can bang out a quarter-decent preview for free, you’d think the Sun’s knuckledraggers getting PAID to do it would have something ready to go.

There wasn’t anything on the front page, of course. The Red Sox are in the ALCS, the economy’s in the toilet, and Sarah Palin’s vaguely attractive for a mom, so there’s your big news of the day.

Flip to the sports section, then. More on the Red Sox. A lot more. Again, understandable. “Sox should want no part of Ramirez,” an ALCS preview article (from the AP). Article on the Bruins win (also AP, also understandable), a standalone picture of a Lowell High golfer. Huh, nothing on the front of sports. Weird.

Surely, there’s got to be something on 2. Inside, there’s a high school boys’ soccer roundup, a high school golf roundup (and congrats to Tewksbury on that first big W!), a brief on a Tyngsboro girl that won the New Hampshire state golf title for Bishop Guertin, a girls’ soccer roundup, and a volleyball roundup.

What’s going on? Not even a mention that UML’s hockey team starting its season on the first two pages of sports? Weird.

Oh here it is, on Sports’ third page. Article seems awful small. Hmm, only 183 words. Well that makes sense, because the HORSE RACING article was SIX HUNDRED words! Know when people care about horse racing? The three minutes preceding and immediately following the Kentucky Derby. It certainly doesn’t warrant 600 words in October. The only reasoning I can think of why they consider this a practical use of newsprint and ink is because horse racing was big during the Great Depression, and the Sun wants to get its foot in the door for this next one. But y’know what else was big during the Depression? Starving to death in the Dust Bowl. Why don’t the Sun’s editors take a crack at that as well?

At best, the Sun shuffled the season preview off to Saturday’s paper which, in the newspaper business, is the least-bought, least-read edition of the week. Every week. Since forever.

The way the local paper treats its coverage of this team, with a laissezfaire “who gives a rat’s ass” attitude at the best of times, is deplorable. Guys, there’s a DIVISION 1 college sport literally down the street from your crummy offices. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that it should be fairly important. Hell, even Merrimack gets better coverage in their local paper, and they’re Merrimack!

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