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Offseason update No. 3: Lowell is smarter than pretty much everybody

June 6, 2008

Hockey East Academic All-Stars will be announced later today, but we have it on good authority that no less than 13 River Hawks will be named to the team.

Junior Mark Roebothan will be named to the team for the third time in as many years. Two-time honorees include Barry Goers, Nick Monroe, Ian Schaser, Tommy Powers and Paul Worthington.

Carter Hutton, Scott Campbell, Jeremy Dehner, Jason DeLuca, Maury Edwards and Jonathan Maniff were all first-time All-Academic Team members.

But the big story is two-time honoree Frank Stegnar, who, along with Maine’s Chris Hahn and UNH’s Brad Flaishans, posted the only three 4.0 GPAs in Hockey East’s 24-year history. A huge round of applause to Frank on that incredible accomplishment.

Lowell came in second as far as number of players on the team, behind Maine’s 16. Credit where it’s due, that’s an incredible amount of kids that made sure to put “student” first in student-athlete. Lowell, by the way, still holds the all-time record for honorees at 17 players, set back in 2004-05.

Here’s the breakdown. We’re not sure on the number of times these players have won.

Boston College (8):
Joe Adams
Dan Bertram
Brock Bradford
Mike Brennan
Alex Kremer
Pat Gannon
Matt Price
Ben Smith

Boston University (3):
Karson Gillespie
John McCarthy
Craig Sanders

University of Maine (16):
Glenn Belmore
Ben Bishop
Brett Carriere
Simon Danis-Pepin
Robby Dee
Jeff Dimmen
Shane Foley
Chris Hahn (4.0 GPA)
Keenan Hopson
Tanner House
Keif Orsini
Travis Ramsey
Lem Randell
Andrew Sweetland
Josh Vandyk
David Wilson

University of Massachusetts (12, which is less than 13):
Scott Crowder
Paul Dainton
Patrick Dineen
Martin Hayes-Nolet
Brian Keane
Kevin Kessler
Mike Kostka
Michael Lecomte
James Marcou
Will Ortiz
Brett Watson
John Wessbecker

UMass-Lowell (13):
Scott Campbell
Jeremy Dehner
Jason DeLuca
Maury Edwards
Barry Goers
Carter Hutton
Jonathan Maniff
Nick Monroe
Tom Powers
Mark Roebothan
Ian Schaser
Frank Stegnar (4.0 GPA)
Paul Worthington

Merrimack College (10):
Kurt Astle
Andrew Braithwaite
Joe Cucci
Grant Farrell
John Goebel
John Jamieson
Matt Moulakelis
Francois Ouimet
Derek Pallardy
J.C. Robitaille

University of New Hampshire (7):
Matt Campanale
Danny Dries
Brad Flaishans (4.0 GPA)
Thomas Fortney
Stuart Fricke
Greg Manz
Alan Thompson

Northeastern University (5):
Denis Chisholm
Greg Costa
Matt Quigley
Rob Rassey
Dylan Wiwchar

Providence College (7):
Matt Germain
Kyle Laughlin
Trevor Ludwig
Kyle MacKinnon
Nick Mazzolini
Jon Rheault
Tyler Sims

University of Vermont (10):
Jay Anctil
Chris Atkinson
Josh Burrows
Jonathan Higgins
Kyle Kuk
Dan Lawson
Justin Milo
Viktor Stalberg
Dean Strong
Slavomir Tomko

Academic All-Star team: (Top GPAs by position)
Goaltender: Andrew Braithwaite, Merrimack (3.97)
Defense: Brad Flaishans, UNH (4.00)
Defense: Patrick Dineen, UMass (3.95)
Forward: Frank Stegnar, UMass-Lowell (4.00)
Forward: Chris Hahn, Maine (4.00)
Forward: Tanner House, Maine (3.93)

Congratulations to all players.

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  1. Jay permalink
    June 10, 2008 1:34 pm

    Can you really be happy when Maine beats every team in Hockey East?

    I find it to be embarrassing. Or something funny is going on up in Orono.

  2. bernard n. shull permalink
    July 8, 2008 11:29 am

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