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USCHOmbudsman: James Van Riemsdyk has awesome fans

February 28, 2008

This week on USCHO was a classic. Someone alerted us to a brand new poster who decided to start a topic as to whether or not UNH’s James Van Riemsdyk should be a Hobey Baker candidate.

Yes, Van Riemsdyk is one of the premier young American players in the sport right now, and yes he’s massively talented, but we have to question whether the poster in question is a clinical mental patient.

“JVR,” as he’s apparently known, has put up a point per game, and is the third-highest scorer on his team. Is 25 points in 25 games great for a freshman? Obviously, but the kid’s a little lazy and he sure likes to dive a lot and…

This kid gets doubled and triple teamed all season and still finds a way to put up ok numbers?

Well that’s a great point out of the new poster, aptly named “fans of JVR.” Now, we don’t know if this account is being handled by more than one person or if this creep just doesn’t understand how pluralization works, but there are so many problems with this argument that it’s difficult to know where to begin.

First, he MIGHT get double teamed, but no coach is going to commit three of his five skaters to one player who, frankly, coasts through most games. Second, “ok numbers” don’t win you a Hobey Baker. Often, phenomenal numbers might not get it done. Third, we don’t understand why you think this is a sentence that could be structured as a question.

However, here’s one hell of a salient argument for why “JVR” should be the Hobey recipient:

Come on we only have 1 one year to cheer for this guy I have to give him his praise now cause he will be playing for the Flyers next year.

With only “1 one” year left, how can we disagree with that?

But “fans of JVR” wasn’t (weren’t?) done there. He promptly started another thought-provoking thread entitled “Ropertology” that broke down what he felt would be the NCAA brackets at the end of the season. These, too, made no sense. However, we have been promised that Ropertology might be coming to YouTube in the near future, so we have that to look forward to.

He did, however, make “1 one” point that was almost a fully formed thought. In his third new thread in two days – entitled “Maine Hockey????????” – he begs this semi-cogent question.

What has happened to Maine, a once proud squad, how could a team fall so far so fast? Should they go back to letting the players not attend any classes?

Okay, you got us there.

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  1. Darla permalink
    November 10, 2008 12:11 pm

    Good words.

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