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USCHOmbudsman: No, YOU’RE stupid.

February 6, 2008

Ah the Beanpot, when BC-BU hostilities rise to levels unprecedented year in and year out.

There’s a lot of angst to go around for a few reasons. For one, BU doesn’t have a program that’s anywhere near the level of BC’s, no matter how much the fanboys would like to delude themselves of the fact that a couple of champioships in the late 1970s mean anything in 2008. BU will always say ridiculous things like “John Sabo is the next Brian Gionta” or “John Curry’s better than Cory Schneider.” Neither were true, and one needs only look at the NCAA tournament success that BC has had since the late 1990s to find what the real problem here is: an inferiority complex.

How many years in a row has BU’s incoming freshman class been ranked higher than BC’s, and how many years have those freshmen done nothing compared to BC’s somehow-inferior rookies? BU fans must continually tell themselves that they, somehow, are as good as their rivals, when recent history finds this to be massively untrue, save for a pair of Mondays at the beginning of February.

Which is where BC’s fans come in. They continually claim up and down, with good reason, that BU is no longer what it once was, certainly in comparison with BC, and that Jack Parker is a shell of his former self. Both are true. However, BC will still lose to BU a few times a year, so there’s that.

But when the Beanpot rolls around, the antagonism is turned all the way up to 11. BU will almost invariably defeat BC in the annual tournament, leading BC fans to bemoan that they are the victims of some sort of vast conspiracy to take a meaningless mid-season tournament from them. Sounds fishy to us, especially because Eagle fans are just as quick to tell you that they “don’t care” about the Beanpot.

Here, then, is a hilarious sampling (with a random starting point) of futile name-calling match that goes back and forth between these fans. The first is a semi-reasonable entry is from a BU fan named “The Hot Dog,” who was unimpressed with the play of one used-to-be-a-big-deal Terrier, Jason Lawrence.

J-Lo does nothing for me. I’ve been saying that all year but I don’t think I’ve meant it more than now. He’s worthless…and to think him and Gerbe were on the same U18 team. Geeeeeez.

Here’s where The Troubles begin. By a BU fan comparing Lawrence, who is mediocre, to Gerbe, who is great, he pointed out an aspect of Parker’s program that did not compare favorably with Jerry York’s. Cue the fanboys, led by “Todd:”

Well, if Baby Nate could read English – or even spell “cat” if you spotted him the “c” and the “a” – they would be on the same team now.

Unfortunately, all he can read is the bounce of a hockey puck, opponents’ defenses, and which direction the ref’s head is looking so he can cheap shot someone – all of which he uses to the great benefit of the Out-of-Towners.

Ah, the Gerbe-is-too-stupid-to-get-into-BU defense. That must keep Terrier fans warm at night when they consider that their best junior doesn’t have as many points as Gerbe does goals. Of course, to imply that BU’s academic standards are in any way more stringent than BC’s, or that rockheads with less than one percent of Gerbe’s talent haven’t gotten into BU in the past few years (see: Gryba, Eric) is lunacy to the point of being unworthy of discussion.

But one does not besmirch Gerbe without a witty retort from BC fans. Ask “Original Greg:”

Get a clue.

Fair enough. Any response, “SPIN CONTROL?”

Ah, the Peanut Gallery chimes in.

You wouldn’t know what a clue was even if it slapped you across your BC-reject face!!

Good one. Now “SteveF” chimes in with a (slightly) more reasoned response to the Gerbe debate:

whoa whoa whoa… why all the hostility? did he say no when you invited him to a BU basketball game or something?

i’m not sure whats more ridiculous, your premise that BU somehow has stricter admissions standards than BC or that Gerbe would have actually considered going to sh*tbox U after BC offered him.

Fair points both, but we think “FiveHole12” summed it up best:

I’m just thoroughly impressed that this thread made it all the way to page 4 and post #105 before seeing a Gerbe bashing.

All over a tournament that no one outside of alumni and students cares about. Yeesh.

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