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This Week in Disrespect: Maine comes down with a serious case of the boo-hoos

February 3, 2008

Reading through the various game stories from last night’s Maine game, we came across this gem from the Portland (Maine) Press Herald.

Here is one of the highlights:

After watching game tape, Maine Coach Tim Whitehead said his forward who took the faceoff to Bishop’s right was speared between the legs by Lowell center Ben Holmstrom.

As it turns out, this is true. We saw Holmstrom spear Rob Bellamy. What Whitehead failed to mention, however, was that Bellamy butt-ended Holmstrom twice before this happened. Funny that wasn’t brought up. But hey, excuse-making is a hallmark of good teams.

The kicker, though, was a comment at the end of the article from Wes Clark, who scored twice for the Black Bears (emphasis ours):

“We got off to a slow start. There’s no excuse,” said Clark. “They’re not very talented, but they stick to their game plan. We have to play smarter.”

Right. We’d point out a few things here, such as the fact that the “not very talented” Riverhawks have won twice against Maine this year, scored nine goals in two games, earned a shutout, and Carter Hutton has made 49 saves on 51 shots against. It seems to us, Mr. Clark, that your rotten team is the one that has lost three season series (to Merrimack, BC and Providence). Lowell, by contrast, has lost zero.

However, we won’t point those things out, because no one summed up our feelings better than a Maine fan that left a comment on the Press Herald’s website. This one comes from Doctor_T of Auburn, Maine. We’ll even plug his website, Here’s what he had to say:

are you kidding? “They are not very talented?” Look in the mirror first (ninth-place says hello).

And Wes, that sound you hear is Merrimack, which tied a white-hot Providence team tonight while you dropped yet another game to a putrid UMass team, knocking on the door to ninth.

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