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USCHOmbudsman: Help, help! I’m being repressed!

January 30, 2008

There exists, on every message board, a person or group who always take every comment as if you’ve just insulted the memory of their dear, late mother. Regardless of your intentions, everything written is a personal slight or attack that has to be defended to the death with insults and attempts to discredit the insultor. is a breeding ground for this sort of paranoid behavior.

The University of New Hampshire has long been a hotbed of just such posters. Long known for their inhuman ability to whine about officiating to a nauseating level, many UNH fans, it seems, lurk about the boards on a steadfast vigil to take even the most benign comment and turn it into a ridiculous argument.

In the recent UVM/UNH game thread, thecomicbookguy (himself a perpetual victim of various slights) asserted that out of all the arenas he had been to, only at Maine and Vermont had he been assaulted for simply cheering on his own team:

I don’t know how many road games you go to, but UVM and Maine are the only two places I’ve had crap thrown at me for simply cheering for UNH.

Let the record show that we at the RHHB do not condone the throwing of objects at opposing fans. Taunting, cheering, insults — all part of the game. But when it comes to throwing stuff, that’s a purely Amherstian tactic.

A Lowell fan chimed in that he, too, had experienced the low-brow antics of Maine fans at Alfond Arena, and also pointed out that he had experienced similiar shennanigans at UNH:

I’ve had that happen at Maine, and frankly who hasn’t, but I’ve only been to UVM once, so the sample size is small.

Seemingly innocent comment, right? In fact, another New Hampshire fan, UNHRouge5, goes so far as to back up the Lowell fan regarding what happened:

This is an unfortunate fact at all rinks (except Merrimack, whose fans are about as easily found as a dodo bird). I’ve watched from the visitors end of the rink a few times, so i’ve seen some of the stuff go on that your eluding to.

But somewhere in the deep recesses of a mind that thinks it’s still cool for a 30-year-old to sit in the student section, a switch was tripped. That post, which most would not find inflammatory in any way, shape or form, had struck a nerve with our knuckle-dragging friend.

Where did I say that? I merely said those are the only places its happened to me. And we are all well aware of your troubles at the Whitt, as you seem to feel the need to drop in and mention them in any thread where we’re discussing fan behavior.

Far be it for anyone, in a discussion of bad places to watch a game because of inhospitable home fans, to bring up UNH. It seems the team, which has, because of the Wildcats’ crybaby fans, earned the nickname “The Skating Mother Theresas” is not the only entity on campus in Durham that is above reproach. The idea is as hilarious as it is simply untrue.

For the record, we’ve been threatened, assaulted and insulted in every rink in Hockey East, and we’re proud of that. We wouldn’t be good fans otherwise.

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