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Weekend in review: Situation normal

January 15, 2008

That’s more like it.

Last week we bemoaned the sad state of affairs in Hockey East. Northeastern was in first, UMass was the top-ranked Hockey East team in the country, up was down, black was white. Now things are starting to move in a direction that is a little more acceptable to those of us who like our college hockey firmly rooted in reality.

Sad to see Lowell drop to No. 15, but losses to unranked teams will do that. Good, however, to see Providence get an extra 14 votes for beating Lowell once. Incidentally, Lowell and PC have played into OT in six of the last seven games, and the results have been dead even. Two for Lowell, two for PC, two tied. Is this the renewal of what was once a pretty good friendly rivalry? We hope so. P.S. Jon Rheault is awesome.

While every member of the college hockey media in the country was jumping on the UMass bandwagon, UNH finally took some initiative and lit the wagon on fire like in Oregon Trail. UMass dropped both games on the weekend — including a 3-2 loss at home after entering the third period with a 2-1 lead and a full two-minute 5×3 power play. Oof! — and fell to 2-3-4 against teams they’ve played more than once (an outstanding .444 winning percentage!). The results were grisly, and journalists nationwide fled the bandwagon screaming and ablaze. UMass dropped like a rock in the national polls, five spots from No. 5 to 10. James Marcou died trying to ford the river on the way back to Amherst.

You guys’ll make it to Chimney Rock one day!

Vermont continued to show why they’ll never be a legitimate Hockey East team, losing twice to BC. No one, by the way, is safe from Nate Gerbe. Complain about his on-ice attitude all you want, but the kid’s got more talent than half of most teams combined. Sorry Maine, BU, UNH, Vermont and Northeastern fans, you just can’t argue with 18-16-34 in 19 games.

Northeastern and Merrimack split. Merrimack, for the record, is a lot like UMass. Most teams have trouble with them the first time out, but they’re an easily solvable team. That certainly accounts for much of their early-season success. We don’t think this is quite the end of the dream for NU yet (We’d at least like to see you win the Beanpot to shake up the monotony a bit), but keep an eye on those wheels, Huskies. They’re starting to wobble. The heartiest of congratulations go out to our favorite non-UML goalie Brad Thiessen, who had a shutout on Saturday.

Oh, and Maine lost in Orono again, this time to BU. Ho hum.

Our Weekly Awards
Player of the Week:
Nevin Hamilton, UMass Lowell (sophomore goaltender) – Hamilton continued his hot streak, making an eye-popping 45 saves and helping Lowell eke out a 3-2 overtime win against Providence to salvage what could have been an otherwise ugly series.
(Honorable mention: Nate Gerbe, Boston College; Jon Rheault, Providence)

Rookie of the Week:
Scott Campbell, UMass Lowell (freshman forward) – A goal and an assist in both games against Providence, including the overtime game-winner with 1.3 seconds to go on Saturday. Exhibited slick playmaking and a nose for the net all weekend.
(Honorable mention: James vanRiemsdyk, New Hampshire)

Ham ‘n’ Egger of the Weak:
Joe Fallon, Vermont (senior goalie) – Once hailed as the best goalie in Hockey East, Fallon was more fizzle than flash in two games against BC. On Wednesday, Big Joe gave up four goals on 24 shots and followed that up with a 5-on-40 performance on Friday. Wanna be legit, Catamounts? Get a goalie that can do better than a .859 save percentage and a 3-8-4 record.
(Dishonorable mention: Justin Braun, Massachusetts.. Don’t think we didn’t notice that –4 weekend)

A dry bologna sandwich is the perfect lunch after a breakfast of cubed ham and eggs. Just don’t sit on it when you ride the bus.

Permanent Tomato Cans
Maine Black Bears (7-10-2, 0-1 this weekend)
Vermont Catamounts (4-9-5, 0-2 this weekend)

National Poll

Team (First Place Votes) Record Points Last Poll
1 Michigan (45) 20- 2-0 995 1
2 Miami ( 5) 21- 3-0 946 2
3 Colorado College 16- 6-0 901 4
4 Denver 17- 5-0 837 3
5 New Hampshire 13- 6-1 789 8
6 North Dakota 12- 8-1 695 8
7 Michigan State 14- 5-4 681 10
8 Notre Dame 18- 7-1 647 6
9 Northeastern 11- 5-2 598 7
10 Massachusetts 9- 5-5 595 5
11 Boston College 10- 5-5 505 12
12 Clarkson 12- 7-1 423 11
13 St. Cloud State 11-10-3 373 14
14 Quinnipiac 13- 5-3 351 16
15 Mass.-Lowell 10- 5-4 331 13
16 Minnesota-Duluth 8- 7-5 204 19
17 Wisconsin 9-10-3 193 17
18 Minnesota 11-10-3 117 15
19 Princeton 10- 8-0 104 NR
20 Minnesota State 9- 8-4 57 20
Others Receiving Votes: Michigan Tech 42, Air Force 22, Bemidji State 22, Providence 17, Bowling Green 15, St. Lawrence 10, Cornell 9, Robert Morris 6, Yale 5, RIT 4, Ferris State 3, Harvard 2, Niagara 1

Hockey East Weekly Awards
Player of the Week: Nate Gerbe (BC)
Rookie of the Week: James vanRiemsdyk (UNH)
Defensive Player of the Week: Nevin Hamilton (UML)
Honor roll: Fraser Allan (MC), Brock Bradford (BC), Andrew Braithwaite (MC), Scott Campbell (UML), Boomer Ewing (BU), Peter MacArthur (BU), John Muse (BC), Keif Orsini (Maine), Kevin Regan (UNH), Jon Rheault (PC), JC Robataille (MC), Mark Roebothan (UML), Kevin Shattenkirk (BU), Steve Silva (NU), Joe Whitney (BC)

Weekend results (home team bolded)
BC 4, Vermont 1

Providence 4, UML 3 (OT)
BC 5, Vermont 2
UNH 3, UMass 2
Merrimack 4, NU 2

UML 3, Providence 2 (OT)
UNH 5, UMass 3
NU 3, Merrimack 0
BU 3, Maine 1

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  1. jrobes01 permalink
    January 15, 2008 4:21 am

    Stephen Tocco has died of dysentery.

  2. Anonymous permalink
    January 15, 2008 2:23 pm

    I can’t believe I wasted 2 minutes reading this blog. Since UML only has about 10 fans who care about the team, I thought they’d actually know something about hockey. I guess I was wrong.

    Might as well rename your blog to “A Community College’s Inferiority Complex”.

  3. Hawks blog permalink
    January 15, 2008 2:43 pm

    Nice anonymous post, tough guy

  4. Anonymous permalink
    January 15, 2008 3:57 pm

    “Nice anonymous post, tough guy”

    …says the anonymous blogger of the anonymous blog.

  5. hawks blog permalink
    January 15, 2008 4:38 pm

    The fairest of points. What, though, could you possibly disagree with in our post?

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