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USCHOmbudsman: This is not the coach you’re looking for

January 9, 2008

USCHO is, in many ways, a lot like Mos Eisley spaceport in that you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy.

You would think that a message board targeted specifically at the fans of, let’s face it, a niche sport would attract people that, y’know, knew something about the sport. The message boards at, however, prove that this is not the case.

In the face of mounting evidence that one’s team is dead in the water, there will always be the witless few who soldier on the cause, no matter how bleak or doomed it may appear to the objective outsider.

Now, understand that it is the purpose of the USCHOmbudsman to examine the subcultures of the subhuman, and not to rationalize it. That way madness lay.

Here, then, with commentary, is one post in particular that piqued our morbid curiosity.

This week’s USCHOmbudsman focuses on those Maine fans who still, despite everything, champion the cause that not only should head coach Tim Whitehead keep his job, but also that Maine might still be heading to the Frozen Four.

No kidding.

This post comes courtesy of a Maine fan named BobF, who not-so-surprisingly also resides in New Hampshire. Not only does he say Whitehead is the man for the job, but that if you don’t think so, you are “a bunch of morons.” In order to properly understand context, this post is in response to someone asking which coach can lead Maine back to national dominance.

(By the way, we’d love to be able to stop picking on Maine, but their insistence that they’ll get out of this hole by digging downward is too much to ignore.)

That’s no moon!

RIGHT! RIGHT! I agree, if only we could have found a coach that could have taken us to FOUR Frozen fours and 2 National Championship games over the last SIX years!!!!!!!!

Where could we find someone like that?????

Geez, I forgot, that is all Tim has done in his Six years to date!

What a bunch of morons!!!!!!!

Tough to argue the point, one supposes. Whitehead has indeed done everything this fellow says, but the thing is this: Maine is slowly becoming the Buffalo Bills of NCAA hockey. Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Expectations build and build and build, then are burst every year by the likes of Justin Abdelkader. The weight of that pressure, at some point, must become too much to bear.

Let’s keep adding to the list like many of you folks have done each and every year with other possibilities!

Some of my favorites have been John Tortorella (right? ), oh and of course the handful of people who have never been head coach like Montgomery, Pellerin, Corkum!

While it does look as though Tortorella’s days in Tampa are numbered, he’s sufficiently qualified (read: Stanley Cup winner) to not have to go back to coach at Maine. And while we recognize that this person is making fun of those who actually make this stuff up, it points to the larger problem that there are Maine fans more delusional than THIS guy.

The last 2 years you did the same thing and what happened FROZEN FOUR!!

Do I think we are going to Denver this year? No I don’t, but I did not think that before the season started, we had to replace too many players.

I like the freshman class that Guy has brought in this year and next year looks promising!

Unless they start trying to allegedly grope women in bars again.

Am I concerned about the future of Maine Hockey. Well I think all of us that spend our winters following the Black Bears want to see Maine stay one of the elite programs!

BUT, based upon the success of the last 6 years, I do put my faith in this coaching staff to get us back in the running for a National Championship sooner rather than later.

Fact: past results are always an indicator of future achievement.

SO MANY of you are so spoiled! For those of us who were around prior to Shawn’s tenure and even at the beginning of his tenure, we know where this program was, and despite this years struggles we are closer to the Frozen Four than we are to a basement dweller by a long shot!!!

Fact 2: Tim Whitehead is the next Shawn Walsh, who built the Maine program from nothing through sheer force of will over the course of 17 years, not the guy who led Lowell to a 7-win season with a senior-laden team before getting axed.

So keep up the rhetoric on Tim, all he has done at Maine is succeed year after year and I would not trade his track record of success with anyone elses over the last 6 years.

How about the coaches that have won national titles?

If you have a suggestion for the topic of next week’s USCHOmbudsman, drop us a comment or shoot us an email.

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